All about the Strawberry Full Moon and what to expect from it.

Full Moons are wonderful occasions to contact our creative nature, cultivate our heartfelt intentions, and celebrate our feminine essence. Our boundless spirit is not a separate entity. It’s connected to the expression of Divinity on Earth and Cosmos, for as above so below and as within so without.

Depending on the sign that is falling, the Full Moon holds specific lessons for us to cherish and apply to our daily experience. June’s Full Moon is known as the “Strawberry moon” as it corresponds with the harvest of this delightful fruit in North America. It also marks an important seasonal change, the beginning of summer in the north and the entrance of winter in the south.

This June 24 Full Moon is falling in the earth sign of Capricorn, entailing a powerful transmutation to our psyches. You’ll probably experience a whirlwind of emotions stirring deep in your core during these weeks, but it just means that a necessary purge is taking place within your soul.

Any lingering doubts in your mind that no longer serve your true purpose will finally fade away, making room for your intuition to arise with more potency.

Capricorn symbolises great success after long and hard work. This sign encourages you to commit yourself to a journey that truly fulfils your soul.

Also, Capricorn teaches us that being responsible does not mean complying with outer rules and constraints or simply pleasing others. It means taking charge of your inner drive and having authority over the strides you choose to take. That is, being " author" of your own existence and accountable to your intuition.

Therefore, this Full Moon brings a sound opportunity to let go of your burdens and to make some room for your soul to flourish.

Also, as Capricorn happens to be an earth sign, it prompts you to contact reality and verify which projects have a chance of materialising and which have remained mere ideas.

This checkup will assist you in discarding those extra layers taking up space and energy. Now you’ll be able to focus on what has strong roots to grow.

But don't get ahead of yourself. Capricorn is wise and knows impulsiveness and anxiety only lead to mistakes, so take your time to get to the finish line. Don’t attempt to compare your progress to other people’s accomplishments, as it can discourage you from moving forward. Capricorn understands that success does not rely on how fast you accomplish your goals, but on the lessons received along the way.

And what if you feel lost or at a turning point in your life? Well, this Full Moon in Capricorn will make you feel empowered to start on a project that ignites the flame of passion in your heart, regardless of how ambitious it might seem.

{ How to take full advantage of this Full Moon's potential? }
Rituals are the best approach to align with the energetic proposal coming from the heavenly bodies, especially during full and new moons.

This does not mean you should look for strange talismans or go to any magical locations to perform these exercises.

It only implies not taking this important event for granted and carrying out some simple actions to leave a mark on your spirit.

Here are some rituals and tips you can follow during June 24's full Moon:
Take some time alone and practice self-care: This is particularly important. Full moons are moving periods that bring our emotions to the surface. Therefore, avoid engaging in demanding activities or burden yourself with work.

This is not the time to add another milestone to your projects. Instead, cancel those appointments that are not essential and spend the day by yourself, taking a long bath, and honoring your body with essential oils and nourishing food.

Remember that your physical senses are the gateway to the gifts of your higher self.

Take a walk in nature: Capricorn, as mentioned above, is an earth sign, which means this is a perfect time to be in contact with nature and ground yourself.

Thus, if you can approach a lake, a forest, or even a park, you’ll absorb the moon’s influence with more power. Meditate by the side of a strong tree and feel how your roots reach down to the center of the Earth, holding you steady for future challenges.

This exercise will remove any anxiety left in your heart and heighten your confidence to a more advantageous level.

Make some closure: Think about those relationships or projects that are no longer vital and execute a proper end to them. It doesn’t have to be a tragic episode, though. Be grateful for the experiences and cherish the memories that will last for a lifetime.

Afterward, make a conscious effort to let go. Organise what is missing and clarify those circumstances you never had a chance to express. This will take a load off your shoulders and prepare the soil to sow new and more fertile seeds.

{ In Closing }
If you follow these guidelines and let your intuition take the front seat, you will find this Full Moon to be very renewing and will contact its positive outcomes very soon.

It will help you regard your situations from a different and more mature perspective, offering more conducive ways of responding to your daily trials.

The Full Moon offers the perfect opportunity to start over, to review all your actions and decide which ones are leading you to a brighter future and which ones are blocking your journey.

Capricorn reminds us to be responsible, to place boundaries in our relationships and our ambitions, to solidify our ultimate purpose, and find the means to make it come true.

It makes you question “How do I see myself in the future?”, “What do I want my legacy to be about?”, and “I’m I committed to a meaningful project or I’m I staying on the safe side”?

Keep in mind that as long as it is worth it, you’ll be glad to face any hardship and do what it takes to succeed on the path you’ve chosen.