Full Moon 24th July 2021

About the Full Moon in Aquarius and how to make the most of it

Our spirits, moods, and aspirations are all deeply connected to the cosmo’s cycles. The Moon goes through different stages during which it expresses its creative potential. Sometimes it needs to withdraw into the shade, seclude itself, and drop what is no longer functional to cleanse the soil and sow new seeds. Then, those seeds grow and are on display for all to see, revealing the peak of its power.

The Moon triggers our emotional ego, our sensitives areas. The more we tap into our intuition and follow its lead, the more we get aligned to the sacred rhythms of this stirring satellite.

On July 24th, the Sun and the Moon will face each other, leaving everything out in the open, with nothing to hide. During this period, those fears and psychological complexes hidden in the depths of our psyche come to light to finally release them.

During a Full Moon, you feel more bold, fearless, willing to run into the wild and tackle those issues that seem so complicated not long ago. And depending on the sign it is transiting and all other planetary aspects, it will deal with a particular theme for us to work on both individually and collectively.

Full Moon in Aquarius - The collective consciousness

This time is the turn of the rebellious and cutting-edge Moon in Aquarius, facing the individualistic and passionate Sun in Leo. Issues regarding the search for self-identity, social responsibility, challenging the status quo, and welcoming a more equitable future will come into play.

When was the last time we fought for a cause that didn’t serve a selfish purpose? The world is going through a profound crisis, urging us to work together and forget about the survival of the fittest.

Leo and Aquarius symbolise the expression of our creativity, listening to the beat of our drum, and authenticity. Yet an actual rebellious act is not done in solitude, but in the company of people just as creative and revolutionary as we are, fighting together until defeating obsolete laws.

So if you are fed up with your current work status, relationships, living conditions, or if there’s any area of your life where you feel trapped, today you may near your breaking point. This Full Moon encourages you to break free, spread your wings, and make inroads into why you're choosing to do what you're doing. Are you following a path that inspires you, or do you please someone else's expectations?

And if you feel like your dreams are not supported by those around you, never forget other individuals are just as authentic and different as you are. As long as you associate yourself with the right company, you'll never feel alone or ashamed of what you have to offer.

Moon Square Uranus - Welcome to the future.

Besides, the Moon will square Uranus during this day, prompting us to let go of past attachments and focus on the new. If we cling to what no longer is alive, our spirit will lose its force, and we will drift away from a more fulfilled existence.

Sudden changes will shake up our routine and force us to adapt to new ways of living. The key here is to go with the flow and stop striving to stay the same. The more open we are to the creativity of the future, the more we will relax and enjoy the ride.

Other aspects - Venus in Virgo

Even though an exciting and rebellious spirit will prevail during this astrological event, Venus is entering the methodical sign of Virgo, reminding us to take care of the details and plan our moves wisely.

Once we realise we want something different for our lives, most of us become impulsive. We don’t think about the consequences of our actions, especially when Aquarius and Uranus are taking the limelight.

But Virgo suggests we take it easy and don’t get carried away by the thrill of the moment. This advice will spare us a lot of misunderstandings and problems along the way. Also, remember that none of us owns the truth or is right about absolutely everything. Venus in Virgo invites us to be more humble in how we approach life.

This suggestion does not mean we should stop being authentic and subordinate ourselves to the will of others. It simply implies we are tiny cogs in a much larger structure, and each function is essential to work correctly.

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon rituals will help us harness this astrological event’s energy and release the extra emotional burdens we’ve been carrying around during the past couple of weeks. Find a quiet place where you feel safe and comfortable. Be sure that no one will bother you during this process, so you can fully enjoy the experience.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes until the speed of your thoughts slows down considerably. Feel your core, your physical self, the fire inside your gut, the excitement pulsing within your solar plexus.

Afterward, gather your thoughts and make a list of those grievances, grudges, or painful memories that came to you during your meditation. Make a fire and toss the list you wrote while you honestly forgive yourself. This decisive action will help you release the negativity that holds you back from welcoming new and rewarding experiences.

Then, after you feel there is nothing left inside, take another deep breath and write down a list of those relationships, situations, and opportunities for which you are grateful. Resentment and pain will go away to make room for the abundant energy brought by gratitude and forgiveness. This ritual will help you make the most of this powerful Full Moon and carry you through the rest of the moon cycles on a positive note.