How To Create A Ritual

We invite you to cultivate your well-being and radiance through daily ritual. A gorgeous expansive space you’ll see transform out into  experience.

Rituals are as ancient as mankind itself. This was the way our ancestors connected with their spiritual gifts and aligned themselves with their soul’s purpose. 
However, modern times have made us forget about these mighty methods of contacting the natural elements, grounding on earth, and reaching our higher self.

We are labeled naïve for attempting to reclaim our strength and the link to our inner core. But it is actually the most powerful technique to bring our deepest longings to fruition.

So, the first important aspect to consider if you want to delve into this wonderful course is that there are no fixed methods or recipes on how to create the perfect ritual. It’s all about going back to basics, getting in touch with your intuition, and following what your gut inspires you to do.

The focus should not be on the exact movements you perform or the steps you follow. The whole purpose of the rituals is to manifest an intention within your mind and heart. The rest just comes by default.

And don't assume you need to spend years practicing for your rituals to be effective. There is magic inside of you waiting to be used, no matter how little people talk about it nowadays.
Spiritual life begins by recognising your own gifts and stop attending to external orders. If you think about it, performing rituals is an act of rebellion! From now on, you will attend to your heart's cues and not someone else's conveniences.

So if you are ready to manifest your most genuine and strong intentions, here are some tips to perform a transformative ceremony.

What’s your • intention?
It might look obvious but it is not always easy to set our intentions in a single sentence. For the ritual to be powerful, be as specific and straightforward as possible. Simplicity is key. Don’t over complicate it. After all, you’ll be connecting with your practise on a regular or consistent basis. 

• Getting Ready — 
Find a quiet and safe place and make it your temple. It could be your bedroom, a special location in the forest, your bathroom mirror or an actual sacred place of worship.

Choosing the right place is essential! If you perform your rituals in a place where you do not feel completely comfortable or where you may be interrupted, change locations. If you don’t, you won’t be able to devote all your attention to this special endeavour.

Keep in mind that you are now contacting your intuition and spirit, which will make you very sensitive to your surroundings. So if where you are currently standing doesn’t feel quite right, then move somewhere else.

After finding the right spot, spend a few minutes reflecting on what your soul is searching for at the moment.

Do you need to let go of something? A person, an experience, or a job? Also, if you pick up other people’s energies and moods, a ritual will help you release any lingering feelings that might be left in your aura.

If you don’t have to release anything, are you longing for a specific quality? Perhaps courage, bravery, confidence, patience, or compassion? Sometimes our challenges overtake us and we need to summon a specific trait to move forward.

Do you wish to connect with some of your ancestors to ask them for advice? They could give you an important message on how to cope with your current circumstances. Deep within our core, we share those talents our descendants possessed, and contacting them enables us to develop them.

After asking yourself these important questions and discarding what’s not relevant, the ritual can start.

• When is the right time to perform a ritual?While you can choose to do it at any time, certain dates during the month and year match important planetary cycles. 

Conducting your rituals at these specific moments will help your intentions to be sown with more strength.

For example, when there is a new or full moon, or when there is an important astrological event (eclipses, mercury retrograde, the transition of a planet to a new sign, etc.).

Also, consider those personal dates or anniversaries you find relevant, such as birthdays, important holidays, or just that date that marked a before and after in your life. 

Practicing your rituals during these occasions will expand a positive and healing vibe that will make your intentions grow fonder.

• How to proceed from here?
Now you have different kinds of resources to perform the ritual, but don’t forget to follow your intuition and to be spontaneous and honest while you are at it.

You can use words to help you focus your intention. Try writing on a piece of paper a small statement that summaries what your soul is craving for and repeat in your mind or out loud as much as you need to.

You can also call the name of a deity or an ancestor to ask them to guide you along the way of this practice.

Otherwise, you can simply say out loud whatever comes to mind, as long as it feels natural and resonates with your intentions.

Another great support for your rituals is the use of sounds. You can play ambient music to get you in the mood or play mantras to shift your state of mind.

Mantras, gongs, and singing bowls are a great aid when your mind is racing and you can't get it to slow down. After a few minutes, you will quickly center yourself and focus on the purpose of your ritual.

Similar to what sounds do, certain smells can also lead you to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Therefore, it is advisable to use essential oils as catalysts for your intentions during your ceremonies.

• Closing thoughts.
Rituals are meant to empower you, ground you, and get in touch with your spirit. They are not for you to stress out or get anxious, so be patient!

Don't force yourself to feel a specific way or for everything to be perfect. This will only take you away from the true purpose of this sacred endeavour.

If you follow your sixth sense and nourish and celebrate your inner template, you’ll soon master this whole process.

So don’t be shy and start living a more spiritual experience! Cultivate your well-being and radiance and you’ll notice a transformation in your daily circumstances.


Image Courtesy: The Future Kept, Handmade Ceramics, Park Picks 02.01.19, Zimmerman Object