New Moon in Cancer | 9 July 2021


What’s the meaning of this New Moon in Cancer?

Moon cycles have a powerful impact on our consciousness, moods, and physical energy. Women in ancient times had a profound and spiritual connection with the cosmos and its movements, utilising the sacred energy to align with their authentic desires.

Although modern society made us forget some of this wisdom, our wild nature remembers it as it was yesterday. Paying attention to lunar cycles is a wise move to reconnect with the infinite power of our femininity.

New moons symbolise the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. It gives a refreshing boost of energy and inspires us to embark on a brand-new path.

It’s the perfect time to prepare the soil and set new intentions for the coming month. For these projects, plans, and ideas to grow strong our foundations need to be prepped and ready for what's to come.

I warmly invite you to take a soul-searching trip inwards and join me to explore the meanings that July’s New Moon has in store for you.

New Moon in Cancer.

This coming New Moon falls in the sign of Cancer, its ruler. This alignment means that all those nostalgic memories from your past will resurface, making you go through an emotional upheaval.

It will also make a positive link to Uranus, the planet that embodies the excitement that comes from a creative future. So the past and the future are merging, inspiring you to let go of old attachments and welcome new possibilities.

Dealing with memories and past traumas is usually an exhausting and distressing task. This New Moon grants you the talent to detach and heal without jeopardising your emotional well-being, leading you toward healthier, more enriching relationships and experiences.

Other aspects to consider.

Venus conjunct Mars in the sign of Leo brings a strong desire to express your passions and engage in meaningful relationships. You no longer want to hide your cravings as you are ready to reveal your true self.

This enthusiasm will translate into magnetic energy that draws the gaze of anyone who crosses your path. Your creativity will also flourish, inspiring you to leave your personal touch on any project you undertake.

However, Venus’s opposite Saturn can thwart some of your ambitions as they require time and effort to come true. So as long as you don’t get in an anxious mood and have patience during the process, you can expect a long-lasting result.

Venus’s square Uranus can make this a challenging task, testing your stability with unexpected turns of events. This aspect will urge you to be creative and develop fast and effective solutions that don’t put your dreams at stake.

If you don’t cling to your comfort zone, you’ll learn to spread your wings and become more independent after these experiences.

New Moon Rituals.

Rituals are the performances of ceremonial acts that assist us in embodying and imprinting the symbolic processes we are currently facing.

Our cherished satellite joins the Sun during the New Moon, making this a great occasion to conduct a heartfelt ritual and set new intentions. After a few months of practice, you will naturally align yourself with these phases.

Without realising it, you will release old processes and initiate new changes in your life during this time of the month.

Here are some simple rituals you can perform during this New Moon to take in all of its energetic splendour.

  • Make your intentions clear: If we are too engaged in outward pursuits and don’t give ourselves the time and space to connect with our spirit, our intentions may not be clear. Knowing our innate desires allows us to harness the energy around us and bring them to fruition.

    Meditate a few minutes before going to bed, and make it a sacred experience. Use this time to nourish your femininity, cultivate your self-worth and craft specific intentions that will fulfil your soul.

  • Ignite the flame of passion in your heart: Our intuition is the inner compass that guides us to our higher purpose. But it can fade if we stop heeding it in favour of following prefabricated external rules.

    As a result, sometimes we think we know what we want, but it turns out we are merely meeting our family's and society's expectations.

    But the New Moon invites you to wipe the slate clean and focus on projects that resonate with your talents and interests.

    Fire is known to unblock dormant intuition, and lighting a candle during the darkest night of the moon will certainly serve this purpose.

  • Try something new: Our body sometimes takes a little longer to adjust to our mind. You might be willing to change your life, but your cells are stuck in all of your emotional patterns, which can slow down the whole process.

    Now is the time to reach outside of your comfort zone and delight in something new. A small, simple act may be all it takes to stir your senses and propel you to a new life transformation.

Closing thoughts.

Although the Universe allows us to begin anew every month, this New Moon in Cancer makes it even more evident.

Remaining in a context or relationship that no longer serves your sacred purpose only denies you from aligning with your authentic self.

Uranus invites you to harness your talents and chart new paths to a more meaningful future. This day you have the chance to reconnect with your inner compass and change your life course with creativity and purpose.