Introducing • Beauty & Ritual '21

Ritual '21 • Ancient Wisdom For Modern Illumination

Say hello to our latest lifestyle offering, R I T U A L . We invite you to cultivate a sense of self-nourishment and to honour your Earthly Temple as the expression of Divinity it is. Experience renewal of spirit through daily ceremony and sacred self-care rituals. 

• Ritual '21
Born from sacred intention, our range is a celebration of timeless ‘ritual’ and transformative ceremony. A thoughtful space of self-care to cultivate elevated well being and radiance. Crafted in small-batches in our Studio with a rich blend of plant intelligence, herbalism and ancestral extracts. Paired with our signature refined aesthetic, our range is exclusively curated for the modern-mystic woman.

Behind The Collection  • Intentions
RITUAL was born from a natural evolution of St Soleil's offerings. Like all of our products, we design and create with the highest of intentions and genuine love for the energy and benefits they will provide others. It's always such an honour when someone invites us to be apart of there experience here on Earth, and RITUAL is no different. It's an intimate range of sacred oil blends, botanical mists and purification clay created to benefit your spiritual being as much as it provides benefits for beauty and self-care. It's been a gorgeous alchemic experience crafting each of these products from conception to final birth.

We can honestly say we're excited to see this collection launch into the world and watch the Sacred Blooming, Reawakening of Spirit and Natural Beauty emerge from within everyone.

Two Worlds Collide • Herbalism and Spiritualism
RITUAL is crafted from a whirling oasis storm of spiritualism, herbalism, ancestral knowledge, modern wisdom and sacred intention. We've synergised all of these components into a small holistic range of ritual items that will enliven your senses, nourish your being, deepen your connection to self, while intelligently healing, soothing, revitalising and nourishing your skin and body.

Our • Creations
Our entire RITUAL collection all made in-house in our sun filled seaside studio. Crafted in small, intentional batches of one oil/mist/clay at a time, and sealed with intention.

An Invitation into Deeper Self-Nourishment. Natural Beauty Begins Here.