New Moon in Sagittarius & Solar Eclipse


On December 14, 2020 we will experience the transformative energies from the New Moon and total Solar eclipse in Sagittarius, pouring down on us. With such powerful astrological activity occurring in the Archer's realm, get ready for some expansive ***iish to occur.

Not everyone feels eclipses the same – those with placements in Sagittarius or Gemini within their natal charts will most likely feel it the strongest. This final eclipse of 2020 will be heavily influencing the Gemini/Sagittarius axis once again before we launch ourselves into 2020. You'll be able to tap into a new sense of optimism, hope, fresh perspective and enchantment that's in the air. What's not to love about these new visionary energies?

The luminous Solar Eclipse will see us beaconing for a bigger and brighter future. It will initiate positive catalyst for change & major life transformation, with the promise of opening you up to greater levels of awareness and intuitive insights.  As you end one cycle, transit with grace and wisdom, remembering to release all that no longer serves you.

{ What you think about expands, and this is tenfold under the power of this Eclipse }

In light of Sagittarius entrepreneurial spirit, this New Moon can open up new pathways to abundance by following your passions. What value can you add to the world through these passions? Therein lies the key! Under these optimistic and bountiful moonbeams you'd be wise to tap into the unlimited inner spring of passion - who know's what magic is waiting for you to birth it into the world.

The South Node in Sagittarius is also in close degree with this Solar Eclipse, {a calculated point in the skies that holds the key to our life's 'comfort zone'}. We're being asked to elevate our consciousness and rise above the drama of the moment - wherever situation we find ourselves in right now. You may find yourself in a puddle of confusion, doubt and stagnation until this lunation occurs. You will soon be able to seek solutions in obscure places, hidden in philosophies, connection to nature and our own inner wisdom.

So if you're feeling stuck right now, take a step back to muse the bigger picture, anticipate the anew from threshold you are about to cross over. Know that what clingy energy, old patterns, or that which no longer serves you is rising to your conscious awareness so that it can be released. You cannot take the energies of the past with you as you begin to set the wheels in motion for a new, brighter future in a state of ~ FLOW ~. Which, after all is the home turf for freedom-seeker, Sagittarius!



I. Questions -- "Am I on journey that is fulfilling my soul?" • "Have I been walking in my life's purpose?" • "Where am I going?" • "What knowledge am I yearning to learn about?" • "What area's of my life to I need to release the old and find a new state of 'flow'?" • "Am I being the kindest version of myself to others?"

II. Affirmations -- • "I connect to the vastness of my being and the spaciousness of my mind" • "I am unlimited and free and allow others their freedom" • "I dream big, and allow my heart to be filled with the anticipation of all that is to come..." • "Change is a blessing, I honour the illumination" • "I have the strength, awareness and wisdom within me to create the life I now desire" 

III. Expand your Knowledge -- Wisdom-hungry Sagittarius has an insatiable appetite for new and ancient knowledge, from East to West and everything in-between. Now is the time to learn about the subjects that have been calling out to your soul. You're drawn to them for a reason! Go and light up the world.

IV. Release your hips -- Sagittarius rules the hips, so finding new stretches and focused Yoga flows to release any stored tension or stress in your hips will help get the energy flowing within you! Allow this movement to tap into your inner 'wild', root-chakra energy and help the life-force energy move upward, igniting divine inspiration.

V. Embrace the Jovian Energies -- Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter {the planet of optimism, expansion and bounty} so the more you embody the jovian within you the more collective energy you can embrace. Shed self-consciousness and push your limits, in the name of fun and fearless expression.


{ Have fun with this one! }