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2022 Celestial Journal • {Vegan Leather}

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Our coveted, best selling year journal is back to journey another lap around our Luminous Sun with you for 2022. An incredible year of wonder lay just ahead. This book is your muse, your inspiration, your guide, a sacred tool and safe haven. It's your space for self inquiry, self reflection, mindfulness and tuning yourself into the Universe within you and all around you.


4 Months Usage Left • Price reflects the remaining months usage for 2022

• Vegan Leather Cover
• Soft Cover with gold foil & stitching details
• 100% Certified Recycled Inner Paper {sustainably sourced}; white and beige pages will vary slightly in colour
• 480 Internal pages
• Bookmark Ribbon
• A5 Size | 21 x 14.8cm / 8.26 x 5.82in
• Spine Width 4cm/1.5in
• Weight 880g/1.9lbs
• Organic cotton dust-bag for protection and safe keeping
• Ethically Made & Sustainably Sourced
• Designed just for you, by us, in Australia

{ What You Can Expect To Find Within }
Introduction/Astrological Guidance section {60 pages} includes:
• How to work with luna phases, New & Full Moon in the Zodiac, Sun and Moon Transit Meanings, Planetary Movements, Pagan 'Wheel of the Year' (seasons), Equinox's & Solstice explanations and more... {this will guide you through Astrological references for the year ahead}

A glimpse inside the journal:
• 2022 Manifestation, Intentions & Planning Space
• Weekly Diary in a double-page spread (+ space for 'Notes' & 'To Do')
• Monthly Overviews for Astrological Dates and Your Important Dates {+ space for 'Monthly Focus', 'Affirmation' and 'Notes'}
• Weekly & Monthly mindfulness reflection & projection spaces with prompts
• Full Moon & New Moon ritual space each month
• Astronomy & Astrology Calendar Dates: Such as moon transits, sun transits, planetary aspects, cosmic activity, eclipses, planetary transits and retrogrades, and other phenomena noted on each day of the week
• Solstices, Equinox's & seasonal Ritual Pages throughout the year
• Be guided by weekly Inspirational Quotes, Mantras & Affirmations
• 2022 Yearly Reflection ...and more.

Our 2022 Celestial Journal can be used for any location on Earth. We're excited to say that we have assembled globe time zones into three main groups for ease-of-use and accessibility. More information about this will be in your Journal's introduction.

"A spiritual tool and companion to assist you with living in sync with the movement and energies of the celestial skies, seasons and the mindful Universe within. Let your year be guided by the stars, as you wander on the Earth in 2022."- Britta

"Make everyday an opportunity to look inwards, reflect, dream and expand your soul. This is the year for moving closer towards the *Self* you’re destined to become. May each day bring a blessing of love, light and beautiful creation. You are magic, and worthy of an incredible life." - Britta

• Keep out of prolonged sunlight
• Store within keepsake box or pouch
• Full care card provided

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