Ancient Sun Pendant • Moonstone

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A luminous Moonstone set into an Ancient Sun Motif, a powerful synergy of Masculine and Feminine energies.

Deeply attached to the feminine energy, the Moonstone crystal guides you to heal and balance your feminine side by enhancing your intuition, nurturing your creativity, and charging your days with more compassion and love.

On the other hand, The Sun fills your spirit with a radiant energy dose that assists you greatly in having the mental and physical power to achieve your goals and actually enjoy your life journey that is free from any negativity or holdbacks. 

𓁹 Shown with St Soleil Chain
𓁡 Chains sold separately here  

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• Pendant Size: 16mm diameter
• X 1 Pendant (chains sold separately)
• Moonstone: 3mm
• Materials: 14k Gold Vermeil, Moonstone

• Eco-friendly
• Produced in small, considered quantities
• Waterproof and durable for elevated everyday wear

We recommend you remove your gold jewellery before swimming in chlorinated pools, exercising, cleaning or anything else that may use chemicals or scratch the gold.

It is also important to wipe down your jewellery with a soft cloth at the end of each day to remove any dirt, sweat and residue from makeup and skincare products.

I • Recycled Gold & Silver:
We use 100% recycled sterling silver and gold. It’s the same quality as freshly mined metals, but we avoid unnecessary mining.

II • Gold Vermeil:
This piece is true gold vermeil. It has recycled 925 silver at its core and is plated in a thick layer of gold measuring 2.5-3.0 microns. This is 5 times thicker and longer-lasting than regular "gold-plated" jewellery, and 100 times thicker than flash-plated jewellery. We use 14k gold for its soft, elegant hue.

III. Crystals & Stones:
We use only ethically sourced, hand-cut gemstones, semi-precious stones and crystals. Beautiful and responsible!

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