Honey Calcite Raw Cluster • Large

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$140.00 AUD

A wonderfully positive stone. Working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, this stone immediately lifts our mood and heightens our self-worth and self-esteem. Chosen for its soft, dreamy aesthetic and uplifting spirit.

 Intuitively chosen. Each crystal is unique, embodying the magic of Mother Earth.

• Crystal Size is between (500-600g)
• One of a kind; variations in size, shape, and colour are natural

We hand chose with energy, vibration and beauty in mind before exact weight in grams, which is why we offer a 'weight range' on our crystal sizes.

Yellow Calcite brings a powerful cleansing frequency and revitalization to body, energy bodies and environment. It dissolves stagnant energy internally and externally releasing old programs and blocks, dispelling doubt and infuses one’s being with positive, joyful energy. Yellow Calcite soothes and brings balance to emotions, promotes optimism and hope, enhances self-confidence and self-worth and instils a deep sense of calm. It deepens intuition and perception and brings us into expanded awareness of the spiritual and Divine.

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