3 Ways to Start Trusting Your Intuition

Tap into your intuition. Image: Pexels, Anna Tarazevich

Find your Inner High Priestess Reading Time: ~5 mins
By St Soleil Founder, Britta

In Tarot, The High Priestess is ruled by intuition, and the moon. As number two, she reminds us that there are mystical forces beyond our third-dimensional reality, she has no need for action, thoughts, or words. She is the mysterious unconscious.

Intuition is your most important tool for interpreting the story that the cards are telling you. There is a superior guidance system that dwells within you. Tapping into your intuitive guidance system opens up a whole new dimension of understanding and perception.
Here we offer easy tips to expand your intuitive tarot reading:


To start, observe the cards that lay before you — notice if there are any major elements, symbols, numbers, words, or feelings. Focus on reading your cards as a whole story rather than getting too caught up in just one card. Let the cards combine with your intuitive heart, so that it may draw your attention where it needs to be.

Ideally, you would pull a card, and connect with the imagery first. Tap into the colours, movement, scenario, and mood of the card. Allow IT to tell YOU the story. However, of course there may be a specific word that jumps out to you on the card, which will assist you in interpreting your own unique meaning each time. Card meanings are not set in stone, and your intuition will always triumph!

The Zodiac signs, elemental symbols and ruling planets are there to assist you with additional information if you get stuck, or if you are drawn to one of these symbols for deeper meaning, then you intuition is calling you to explore and incorporate this into meaning.

{tip: the St Soleil Beginners Tarot Deck, Lucid Dreams, was printed with keywords for upwards and reversed readings. The keywords and symbols are not intended to be read verbatim - I would highly encourage you to steer clear of pulling a card and simply reading the keywords. This is why the Keywords were intentionally printed in a soft white colour, they are meant to be subtle guides that you can peer at up close, if you need a little help.}


Take a deep breath, relax, and let it flow!
  ↪ Take notice of what suit the card/s are in. Are they cups, swords, wands, or pentacles? Is there one more dominant than the rest? Is there an entire suit missing from the reading? What does this tell you?
  ↪ Are there multiple Major Arcana cards present? Or is it mostly Minor Arcana?
  ↪ How many court cards are there? How many people are involved?
  ↪ Take note of the reversals and their relationship to the other cards around them in the spread.
  ↪ Are there a series of numbers present? Are they all the same (emphasis), ascending (progression) or descending (backwards undoing)?

{continues below image... }

The large majority of the answers you seek will make it seem like the cards have been divinely guided to answer your question. Other times, there may be moments where the answer does not appear to be answering your question — these are the moments that will really ask you to tap into and develop your intuition, your ability to read the cards and your ability to make decisions. Clear your mind, meditate, and return to the spread if you get stuck.

{find more prompts in our Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck Guidebook!}


Should you have a reversed card appear in your reading, understand that this individual card took a little more energy to turn itself around. It’s asking for slightly more attention. It’s important to note that reversed cards are not to be interpreted as dark, or negative, but rather energy that is requiring your conscious presence.

As with everything in Tarot, how you choose to interpret and read your cards is entirely up to you. See our Journal Entry for THREE different ways you can read reversals and incorporate them into your meanings.

Some days I will read my reversals as my inner world reflection (I), other days it’s an energy block (II); just follow your intuition.

Don’t like the outcome you see? That’s OK! The future isn’t set in stone, you have the power to shift your current energetic vibration to align to the outcome your desire. You are in the driver’s seat of your own reality!


Have a go yourself! Test out the idea of tapping into the imagery, and letting the story unfold in your mind's eye. Pull a few cards; there’s no need to ask any questions or create a spread at this point, just practice connecting with one card at a time asking, “What is this card’s energy? What is it communicating?” Continue until you have 2 or 3 interpreted cards in front of you. Then ask, “what story do they now tell that they are together?”

{Final Tip: When you think you’re done, continue you ask “What Else?... What else?... What else?...” You will be so surprised by what comes up!}


Extracted from our St Soleil Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck Guidebook - 240 pages of precious knowledge written by our Founder, Britta, as she wishes she was told at the time of her beginnings…


Words by Britta, St Soleil Founder

Lucid Dreams Tarot was conceived from the desires of my younger self, who was ready and eagerly awaiting guidance in the early stages of my spiritual journey. This guidebook is created in the way I wish (like, seriously really WISHED) someone would have explained it all to me.

Tarot cards are spiritually sacred tools used to connect with angels, spirit guides, the Higher Self, Deities, or the ‘God’ of your choice. They are entirely safe; they only work with pure light and high vibrational energies. As the vibration of your question, thought pattern, or heart energy imparts into the deck, you will draw the card(s) that match this vibrational frequency.

Trust your Self... and enjoy the journey, xo

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