How & When To Charge Your Tarot Deck


Your Guide to Recharging Your Tarot & Oracle Cards • Reading Time: ~3 mins

Even if you're brand new to Tarot, you're probably aware that your Tarot and Oracle cards have an incredible ability to hold energy. Just like us, these concerntrated energies need to be given the opportunity and space to released, diffused and let go of. Tonnes of thoughts, emotions, downloaded information and threads of interconnected energy have have been poured into them through their use, and you may even have intuitive noticed your cards have become a little 'tired'.

{So, it's time to recharge the batteries}

• Why Do They Become Tired?

Tarot is a reflection, a mirror of ourselves. Take a moment to think about the vortex of emotions, thoughts and energy shifts you move through during period of time. And, how many times have you consulted your cards during that period? Each time we pick up our cards, they are embued with our energy, on an emotional, physical, and pshyic level. Its the perfect time for us to self reflect on our own energy levels and clarity of our energy channels.

• How Do You Know When To Recharge Them?

For the seasoned, intuned reader, you may begin to notice the energies impacting your own everytime you pick up the cards. You may begin to feel that your readings are becoming clouded, unclear and 'sluggish', as if they don't want to talk to you. When this happens, you know it's time to 'stop, drop and sage'. Just like giving yourself much needed nourishment, self care and love, your cards and sacred tools also need the same - especially when working with higher frequencies and intense, heavy emotions of the Earthly plane.

Try out some of our quick tips and methods below:

1 • Order Reset
Tarot is a story, a journey through life experiences with logial chapters and a variety of energies that can be grouped and categorised into 'families'. When story lines fall out of place, and families get disconnected the entire deck can start to feel a little chaotic and disconnected as a whole. A favourite method of mine is to entirely 'rest' your deck. To do this you can simply return your Tarot deck to it's natural homeostatus (for lack of a better word!). Starting with 0. The Fool through the Major Arcana, into each suit within the Minor Arcana. Ensuring each card is returned to it's upright position.

2 • Sun Bath
We're all about the Sun at St Soleil, and there is no better way in our opinion that to clear and recharge your cards than by setting them out to bathe in glorious golden sunlight for an hour or so. Make sure that the Sun isn't too harsh, as this can damage the cards. They need soft, gentle, dappled sunlight.

3 • Moon Bath
Another favourite method of ours is to leave the cards on a windowsill to recharge under soft Luna Light. Full Moon is best! Leave your cards fanned out, or stacked up neatly with a crystal placed ontop. We recommend also leaving the box open so that the internal compartment of the box can breathe and absorb the Moonlight too.

For more ways to charge and cleanse your deck, explore your Child Of The Universe Guidebook which include Salt Baths, Crystal Charging and Sage Smudging Rituals.


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