Speaking Our Truth : Mercury Transit Aries • Mar 9 - May 14 2024

Mercury in Aries • Mar 9 - May 14 2024

Speaking Our Truth With Courage • Mercury in Aries Transit

As Mercury's watery journey through Pisces comes to an end, we welcome its fiery entrance into Aries on March 9 2024 (until May 14).  This celestial shift marks the beginning of a new cycle, brimming with the promise of renewal, fresh beginnings, and bold initiatives. Mercury's transit through the first sign of the zodiac ignites our intellectual dynamism, inspiring us to see the world through new eyes, embracing a courageous approach to communication and inviting us to embrace new perspectives and visions.

A Chassé from Pisces to Aries

As Mercury transitions from Pisces to Aries, a new cycle unfolds. Named after the mythological Messenger and psychopomp, Mercury in Astrology governs communication, learning, commerce, and problem-solving. Its journey through Pisces urged us to embrace intuition over logic, exploring nonlinear ways of expression. Now, as it ventures into Aries, we embark on a path of renewal and individuality. Let us honor the wisdom gained and integrate mindfulness into our daily lives as we embrace the fiery spirit of Aries

The Arian Approach

As Mercury gracefully enters the realm of Aries, a new vista unfolds before us. Here, we are called to embrace our instincts, allowing them to guide us without dominating our essence. In the fiery domain of Aries, Mercury beckons us to express ourselves with clarity and conviction, yet with a gentle touch. It challenges us to view the world with fresh eyes, inviting us to renew our perceptions and embrace bold authenticity.

Under the influence of Mercury in Aries, we find the courage to speak our truth unapologetically. Our words become imbued with the energy of passion and purpose, driving us to act upon our innermost desires. In this cosmic dance, our thoughts quicken, and decision-making becomes effortless.

Mercury sextile Pluto and Conjunct Venus



As Mercury ventures into Aries, it aligns harmoniously with Pluto in Aquarius, marking a profound moment of introspection. This cosmic dance, exact on March 10, enhances our intuitive prowess, granting us insights into the depths of human behavior and psychology. Under this influence, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, challenging ingrained thought patterns and embracing new perspectives. Through illuminating conversations, we undergo a subtle yet transformative shift in consciousness, paving the way for profound growth.

Later, on April 19, Mercury retrograde meets Venus in Aries, igniting a spark of authenticity in our relationships. This powerful conjunction encourages us to communicate boldly and honestly, fostering deeper connections founded on truth and transparency. As we navigate this celestial union, we are invited to redefine our values and renew our approach to interpersonal dynamics, ushering in a period of profound transformation and growth.

Self Reflection


Mercury's journey through Aries encourages us to embrace authenticity and express our truth with confidence. As the Messenger traverses the fiery realms of the Ram, we're urged to speak thoughtfully, balancing spontaneity with consideration. This transit prompts us to discern when to pause and reflect, and when to trust our instincts and respond swiftly.

Amidst this energetic backdrop, we may find ourselves engaged in lively debates and passionate discussions. Yet, if approached mindfully, these interactions can lead to profound insights and deeper connections. As we navigate the ebbs and flows of communication, we're presented with opportunities for intellectual growth and greater self-awareness.

Looking ahead, Mercury's impending retrograde journey through Aries, coupled with its alignments with Chiron, heralds a period of healing and self-discovery. These cosmic encounters invite us to reevaluate our communication patterns, fostering a deeper sense of trust in our intuition and empowering us to assert ourselves with grace and poise.




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