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 Q. What's the difference is between Tarot & Oracle?

Tarot - Tarot was first introduced into the world in the 1400's, and has a particular set system and structure. There's a major and minor arcana; with subtext themes of 4 suits, elements, numerology and more. The major arcana are the life changing or defining moments. Minor represent various everyday areas of life. Tarot structure is always the same, artists decks will usually create their own interpretation of the original cards, which is what makes them unique.

Oracle - An Oracle deck can be any number of cards and is created around a theme or subject matter, for example our best seller Child Of The Universe is created around astrology. Other Oracle decks can be created around the idea of  angels, Earth elements, love messages, celestial beings, crystals and so on. These don’t usually have complex structures to them and usually come with a mini guidebook. However our deck - Child of the Universe, was meticulously created and structured by Britta and comes with a thorough 420 page guidebook to help guide you through your practice. If you’re into Astrology we highly recommend this deck. Oracle decks are usually easier to read and use, if you're draw to the 'theme' of an Oracle deck, then we highly recommend exploring what you're drawn to.

Q. Something I want is out of stock, when will it restock?
We sell out of our stock quickly, as we're a small brand and make sure we only ever produce in small, sustainable quantities.
Most of our items will be restocked at some point. We highly recommend you add your details via the 'Notify Me When Available' button located on the product page to be the first to know when the product is restocked. This way you won't miss out again!

Q. Where do your crystals come from?
Our bespoke crystal range are all hand selected by Britta for our community. We also use small tumbled crystals in our Anointing oils from our suppliers. Our crystals are all certified fair trade, with origins from Brazil, Uruguay, Mozambique and South Africa.

Q. Where are your products made?
Everything is designed in-house by us. Our Cards and Books are now made in China (we have a gorgeous company we work with). All jewellery is made in the USA. Crystals are sourced Locally in California. Generally speaking, all other Ritual Items etc are sourced or produced locally in the USA. All bespoke jewellery items are made, cast and finished by hand in our studio.

Q. Why does the price of your Celestial Year Journal keep changing?
We appreciate that our Celestial Year Journals are functional tools. Every month that goes by into the new year we reduce the price by the % of months that have passed. We make sure that you only pay for the months that you have the journal in the year.

Q. Do you ever go on sale?
Vary rarely, if ever! We believe in keeping our prices consistent. Our products are premium, crafted in small batches with high costs involved in bringing them to life. We price all of our products with a considered, mindful approach.

Q. How do I use the 'Wheel of Life' in my Celestial Journal?
The Wheel Of Life overview is a chance to reflect on a variety of areas in your life. The larger the number the better and more fulfilled you feel in that area of life. You mark the number you feel you're at in each category and then draw a straight line between all the numbers. This creates a spider web effect. The fuller and rounded the spider web, the more fulfilled and balanced your life is. If your 'Wheel Of Life' / Spider Web is jarred and jagged in shape, there are area's calling for your attention, focus and nourishment.

Q. "I was just wondering who/what is the figure on the Hanged Man card? Who/what is it representing? In your Lucid Dreams Deck"
Our Lucid Dreams deck was created with 'inclusivity' at its heart, and we took this opportunity to include a variety of beautiful cultures and heritages in this expansive deck.

In this card, it depicts a person suspended upside-down, hanging by their foot from the living world tree. This tree is rooted deep down in the underworld, and it is known to support the heavens. It is believed that the "hanging man" is actually positioned there by their own free will. Their upside down state can also symbolise the feeling of those that walk a spiritual path, for they see the world differently.

All of our imagery is artistic portrayal of occult, mystic and spiritual concepts. The idea that those who are dressed in traditional sacred or ceremonial attire are closer to 'spiritual' connection during their rituals and ceremonial events. It's a state of spiritual surrender and strengthening our spiritual connection.

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