Angel Aura Rose Palm Stone

R$ 180,00 BRL

Shimmering iridescence makes our Angel Aura Palm Stones a wondrous addition to your home. The pastel rainbow of colour shines in the sunlight, reflecting fractals of magic into your space.

Sourced in the USA ♡ Hand chosen.

Pearlescent pink shine, with light pink, blue, and green colours present throughout

• Approx. 2.5" L
• Each palm stone is handpicked, so slight variations in colour, size, and shape are to be expected

Aura Rose Quartz contains strong and loving energies. It carries the properties of Rose Quartz and the Platinum that is fused to it to give it its iridescence. Platinum brings grounding energy that connects with the loving vibrations of Rose Quartz. Aura Rose Quartz draws love to you and cleanses your aura. Aura Rose Quartz stimulates the Heart Chakra and attracts positive and loving energy to you. It calms nerves and helps you communicate and act with grace. Aura Rose Quartz inspires self-love as well as love for others. It can enhance your compassion and nourishes your aura.

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