Celestite Crystal Cluster • Small

R$ 141,00 BRL

When Celestite/Celestine touches the skin, it instantly lifts your mood and brings purity to your heart. Use these mesmerizing crystals to concentrate positive, healing energy.

Sourced in the USA ♡ Hand chosen.

• Approx. 3-4 oz (85-100g) AAA Quality
• One of a kind; slight variations in size, shape, and colour are natural

Celestite carries uplifting energies that aid in stress relief. It is an extremely peaceful and soothing stone. Celestite inspires happiness, and calms the mind and spirit. It is a very spiritual crystal and is said to invite angelic guidance. Celestite brings tranquility, and promotes peaceful and restful sleep. It brings mental calm and clarity. As an Air Element stone, Celestite fosters connection to the skies and the heavens. It stimulates the Crown Chakra, calming your thoughts and opening you to new awareness. Celestite can be positive in times of stress, and soothe heavy moods. It transitions you into a peaceful state, allowing for calm meditation.

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