Slow Movement for the Soul

Creddit: Alice Browning, The Fold


Slow Movement as Mind Food • By Guest Writer, Yogi, Muse: Alice Browning  • Reading Time: ~3 mins

Follow us for a verbal slow flow into the practice of life with Alice. In honour of Mental Health Awareness this month, we join hands with the soft and supportive embodiment of feminine wisdom that Alice drips inthe world through her online platform - The Fold.

{No leggings required...}

It’s not supplement laden, complicated and heavily scheduled •

Rather, it’s spacious, tenderly pivoting and seasonal.

Movement practices that slot into our day, as a non negotiable arrival home.
A drawing back to spirit, a full embodiment of shifting sensations,
the pleasure that appears as we anchor ourselves in a fully present and alive body.

Waves of intentional breaths that begin in the pit of the belly, rise and branch out into our aching side waists.

The mornings with her and him. Simple moments, just us, before the business begins.
Him, resting a homemade coffee into my palms, her, flicking through books at my feet.
The evenings, where the flickering candles remain lit after her bath and I shower in their light, letting go of the dead weight of my day, preparing to cocoon into the arms of the still night.

The mindset I pursue is one beautifully balanced and non reactive, peppered with slices of the joy that come from simple moments of seeked out ritual. Her hand in mine. Sunshine warming my back,
Fig trees above and mandarin peel scattered at our feet.

It is simple, no frills, stripped back asana, always, over elaborate, demanding Sadhana.
Never rigid, forever flexible as I transition from one season into the next, so to do my movement and rituals.
• Sweetly perched on the see-saw swaying between effort and ease and flow and force,
that is where you will forever find me. •


Credit: Alice Browning, The Fold

• Ritual Care

Mental Health invites the opening of your inner dialogue, and that can take many forms.

From cleansing and setting your home space, opening the channel of serenity through meditation and slow movement, bowing to the inner Self with yoga, expanding with deep feminine wisdom... Tuning within, you record your divine messages, the ebb and flow of that divine intuition hosted in the house of you.

Some ways to honour your fluctuations this month, and make the necessary adjustments in honour of stability:

1. Choose a Journal to record your thoughts, musings, challenges: a companion for everyday life, like our Inner Focus Ritual Journal. With guided Prompts to help you carve the path within your mind.
2. Explore the divination tools to support your practice. Tarot or Oracle card pulls can be beautiful enquiries for journalling!
3. Develop a practice that feeds your heart. Keep it fluid, adjust it to your cycle, inner workings and agenda. 10minutes regularly is better than 30 once a month! Find the teacher(s) that resonate(s): whether that is for your meditation or mindfulness practice, or your slow movement dance, you will feel when there is connection to assist in guiding deeper in the layers of you. That's why we partnered with The Fold to offer you to bridge this gap between body and mind: explore the platform here! and enrich it with Ritual Creations from our Ceremony Space.
4. Do yourself good. Move towards pleasure, every day. The simplest moments like eating a dripping strawberry have the potential for joy!
5. Music to your ears. The vibrations of sound created life... let your body experience the beauty in simply listening. Find our gift to you here - Fluctuations on Spotify, curated by St Soleil x The Fold.

ps. St Soleil and The Fold have also curated a beautiful Gift-Away this month: bundles to support you in a journey of nurturing every layer of the beautiful manifestation that you are.


Words by Alice Browning

Alice and Britta stem from sunny, grounded roots in the Northern Coast of Sydney - Australia.

Alice is the Founder of The Fold, a Yogi, Writer and Mother.

"I guide shapes, asanas, poses and sitting deeply in the now. Teaching full time for over a decade, the way in which I hold space for my students is unhurried, steady, strong and supportive, with a big old dose of realness. A dance Instructor, before I found my mat, teaching is like breathing, to me. Adding to my initial 500 hour TT by attending workshops, masterclasses and advanced training with the likes of Kathryn Budig, Patrick Beach, Shiva Rea and Sarah Powers over the years has aided me in developing my own distinct style.
These days, I can be found splitting my time between my little flower Dahlia, teaching in- studio and online. Always with an almond latte in hand, manifesting my dream home in the country with a wrap-around verandah, a place where neighbours are a distant memory."

Instagram | Spotify Playlists for the Soul | The Fold Platform

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