Tarot Vs Oracle: what's the difference?

Tap into your intuition. Image: Pexels, Anna Tarazevich

Tarot Vs Oracle Reading Time: ~4 mins
By St Soleil Founder, Britta

What is the difference between tarot and oracle? you might wonder, often, into the woods of divination tools!

Let us concisely walk you through these two incredibly powerful card decks, developed and used by witches and wizards planet-wide to bridge the gap between mind and high-vibrating spirits…


Tarot was first introduced into the world in the 1400's, and has a particular set system and structure. There's a major and minor arcana; with subtext themes of 4 suits, elements, numerology and more.
The major arcana are the life changing or defining moments. Whilst the Minor arcana represents various everyday areas of life.

The structure of a Tarot deck is always the same, artists' decks will usually create their own interpretation of the original cards, which is what makes them unique.

These cards are a language and system beyond words — they are Universal symbols and energetic messages that transcend time, space, and human separation to help us explore our individual and collectively shared experiences here on Earth. It’s a way of piecing together the stories that have created and shaped us to be who we are today.

An example of our different Tarot Decks can be: our Lucid Dreams Tarot for Beginners aims to combine all the symbolism found in the imagery from the traditional tarot, with important keyword prompts, as well as elemental and Zodiac symbols for each card. It encourages confidence in your intuitive abilities and helps soothe any anxiety or mental interference when connecting with your cards during readings. We will talk more about this soon, don’t worry!

Tarot readings are generally better suited to larger spreads, to receive more complex, intertwined messages opening up awareness in our minds, they communicate and weave a thread between one another; whilst oracles can well and truly deliver a narrative with 1-3 cards.


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a tarot deck st soleil lucid dreams

Image Credits: Pexels Creator and @ShannontheIntuitiveReader


Working with oracle cards facilitates a loving, safe channel for spiritual wisdom to come through for both wide-eyed novices and those already working with their intuitive gifts.

An Oracle deck can be any number of cards and is created around a theme or subject matter, for example our best seller Child Of The Universe is created around astrology.
Other Oracle decks can be created around the idea of angels, Earth elements, love messages, celestial beings, crystals and so on. These don’t usually have complex structures to them and usually come with a mini guidebook.

Oracle decks are usually easier to read and use, if you're drawn to the 'theme' of an Oracle deck, then we highly recommend exploring and following this thread of your inner light.

The St Soleil oracle - Child of the Universe, was meticulously created and structured by Britta and comes with a thorough 480-page guidebook to help guide you through your practice. If you’re especially interested by Astrology, we highly recommend this deck.




Tarot and Oracle Cards act as a mirror. They are incredibly empowering tools that perpetually assist us in developing our greater sense of self-awareness.

Choosing a deck to work with can help develop your intuition and channeling gifts.
{ read our previous journal entry on this here }

They are used by Readers, Mediums, and Energy channels to clear a space and tune into a certain energy. They can add nuances to a message, layers of confirmation and synchronicities, and carry a strong embodiment of energy. As such, tarot or oracle cards can be used as manifestation tools to expand our reality!

What’s more, laying your eyes on a beautiful artwork, receiving messages or keywords positively reinforcing your mindset, are just some other reasons why we incarnated into this human experience… so, enjoy it all!



Did you know that both tarot and oracle cards can be used in a single reading? Yes, pulling an oracle card into a tarot spread, will help give an overarching view of the story unfolding, acting like a signifier. You ask the card to represent yourself as the Enquirer, the Seeer. Try the spread below!

ps. Leave a comment if you’d like us to dive deeper into a specific topic!


Extracted from our St Soleil Lucid Dreams Tarot and Child of the Universe Oracle Guidebooks - more than 600 pages {combined}, of precious knowledge written by our Founder, Britta.

Visit our Tarot Journal to expand your Tarot and Oracle Knowledge -> here

Words by Britta, St Soleil Founder

Lucid Dreams Tarot was conceived from the desires of my younger self, who was ready and eagerly awaiting guidance in the early stages of my spiritual journey. This guidebook is created in the way I wish (like, seriously really WISHED) someone would have explained it all to me.

Tarot cards are spiritually sacred tools used to connect with angels, spirit guides, the Higher Self, Deities, or the ‘God’ of your choice. They are entirely safe; they only work with pure light and high vibrational energies. As the vibration of your question, thought pattern, or heart energy imparts into the deck, you will draw the card(s) that match this vibrational frequency.

Trust your Self... and enjoy the journey, xo

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