Beauty Ritual • Clear Quartz Crystal Comb

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R I T U A L ∙ I N T E N T I O N
Enhance Refresh, Harness Flow

O U R ∙ O F F E R I N G
Sink into self care with our St Soleil Clear Quartz hand carved Scalp Massage & Relaxation Hair Comb.. Crystal Combs are designed to bring gentle stimulation to the scalp and melt away the tension that makes it feel tight or tender. 

By activating the blood flow in our head we trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. Promotes healthy hair growth, use it to evenly disperse your hair treatment and hair oils throughout your hair while massaging the scalp, getting a good flow of circulation.

R I T U A L • D I R E C T I O N S
• Start with clean skin
• Prep the skin by applying 2-3 drops of our St Soleil Beauty Oils
• Gently massage your face and neck in an upwards and outwards sweeping motion, starting from the neck area, moving along your chin, cheeks and eye area.
• We recommend using this beauty ritual for 3-5 minutes each day

Embody Source Wisdom.

• Each crystal comb is unique and will vary slightly in shape and size due to it's nature
• Comes in an organic Cotton Pouch
• 100% natural and ethically sourced Crystal
• Approx. size: 4 x 1.75 x 0.25 in (10.3 x 4.2 x 0.7 cm)
• Crystals are delicate, please handle with care.

Ancient Wisdom, for Modern Illumination.

Born from sacred intention, our range is a celebration of timeless ‘ritual’ and transformative ceremony. A thoughtful space of self-care to cultivate elevated well being and radiance. Crafted in small-batches in our Studio with a rich blend of plant intelligence, herbalism and ancestral extracts. Paired with our signature refined aesthetic, our range is exclusively curated for the modern-mystic woman.

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