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Burning Ritual • Brass Arch Incense Holder {Small}

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$19.00 CAD

Brass Arch Incense Holder

Elevate your rituals with one of our minimalist arched shape incense holders. Made in solid brass. Use by itself, or sits beautifully inside one of our Raw Clay Smudging Bowls or plate.

Pairs beautifully with our Palo Santo / Black Copal incense sticks

Crafted in India.

Wipe after use. Do not allow chemicals to come into contact with your Brass Incense Holder as this may damage the metal (with the exception of Brasso)

Allow the brass to naturally patina - we love the natural look - or keep polished with soft polishing cloth and a touch of Brasso.

x 1 Incense Burner.

Dimension: 0.40"(H) x 0.78" (W)

Hole diameters: ~ 1mm, 2mm, 3mm which is suitable for thread incense of 1mm+

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