The Modern Witch {Bundle}

$169.00 CAD


Introducing the 'Modern Witch' 5-piece Bundle: a symphony of the cosmos in handcrafted tools for the discerning modern witch. Dive deep with our coveted, luxe black and gold Astrology Oracle Deck and accompanying Guidebook, guiding seekers towards celestial wisdom. The raw black clay smudging bowl, forged by artisan hands, pairs harmoniously with sacred palo santo sticks to purify your space. At the heart of this curated collection lies our 'Circe Crystal Kit': a luminous selenite stick radiating moonlit energy, a grounding smoky quartz, and a protective obsidian tumbled stone. Alongside a resplendent clear quartz cluster, this ensemble offers both mystique and grounding, a timeless gift for those who walk between worlds.

Bundle Includes:
• Child Of The Universe Oracle Deck • in Black (Incl. Black Tarot Cloth)
• Inner Focus Ritual Journal • In Midnight
• Gold Metal Pen • Black Ink
• Palo Santo 5 Stick Bundle


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