Goodnight Goddess {Bundle}

$99.00 CAD


Encounter the mystique of our curated Goodnight Goddess bundle, a sacred trove for the reflective soul. Bound in vegan leather, the Dream Journal awaits your nocturnal musings, while our Moon Oil, infused with blue lotus, sanctifies the skin. Hand-rolled incense invites serenity, and a tender intuitively chosen crystal completes this ethereal ensemble. A timeless collection to deepen your spiritual sojourn.

Bundle Includes:
• Sacred Dreams Dream Journal • {Vegan Leather}
• Moon Oil {No. 2} Sacred Body oil • 50mL
• Hand Rolled Incense Stick* (Vanilla & Sandalwood)
• Brass Incense Holder
• Small Hand Chosen Mystery Crystal


*Kindly note that our incense sticks vary season to season. Please review this product description for the current incense wood and scent included in this bundle.

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