Mystic Dreams • Advanced Tarot Deck {Bundle}

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An alchemy of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Mysticism.

Advanced Practitioners / 𓂀
A new age tarot deck for Advanced Practitioners already fluent in the language or tarot. For lovers of esotericism, mysticism, ancient dreamscapes, 

About / 𓆸
'Mystic Dreams' is woven together from illuminated threads of light, Mystic Iconography, Ancient Motifs, and esoteric wisdom pulled from the Universal fabric of our existence.

Moonbeams & Light Rays /  𓁚
Enveloped in golden rays of warm light, 'Mystic Dreams' invites us into the multiple dimensions that lay beyond. An analogous exploration of the way light can be bent, our visions refracted and kaleidoscopes of ethereal wisdom pivoted into view. 

• Mystic Dreams Explore Page here

ⓘ New to tarot? Take a look at our Beginners Tarot here instead

Luxe Linen Card Stock / Holographic Rainbow Foiled Card Designs / Moonbeam Rainbow Foiled Card Edges / Crafted With FSC Sustainable Paper

A Considered Bundle Set, Crafted For Your Journey Ahead.

✧ Keepsake Card Box With 3 Compartments
✧ 78 Card Tarot Deck
✧ Vegan Silk Tarot Cloth With Mystic Visions
✧ Small Aura Quartz Crystal For Ethereal Connection
✧ Organic Cotton Dust Bag For Safe Keeping

ⓘ No Guidebook  ( Crafted For Advanced Practitioners already familiar with Tarot )

Gender Neutral Cards And Some New Card Titles Exclusive To The Mystic Dreams Tarot Deck*

King → Ruler (Masculine Energy)
Queen → Sovereign (Feminine Energy)
Page Of Cups → Seeker Of Chalices

The Tower → Divine Intervention
The Lovers → Divine Union
The High Priestess → The Sage

All Card Numbers remain the same.

*{channeled Cosmic Downloads By St Soleil Founder}

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