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Notes to Self Journal by Intelligent Change

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Fulfilled by our friends at Intelligent Change

Intelligent Change and Chelsea Kauai bring you an exclusive Notes to Self Journal that cultivates self-awareness, positivity, productivity, and gratitude.


A guided journal for cultivating self-awareness, positivity, and gratitude, created in collaboration with Chelsea Kauai.

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The result of Intelligent Change x Chelsea Kauai collaboration is a mindfully designed guided journal that promotes self-awareness and self-growth for those new to journaling or anyone looking to implement this rewarding daily habit.

This journal is intended to be a gentle reminder to journal. Each daily prompt invites you to reflect on your gratitude; improves your self-awareness skills; and aligns your actions with your highest priorities and values. It also has plenty of space for free journaling; weekly and guided prompts to help you get started; and a habit tracker.

  • Chelsea Kauai x Intelligent Change collaboration
  • Illustrations by Vincent Cousteau
  • Streak Keeper and Guided Prompts for journaling
  • A5, 5.8 inch x 8.3 inch / 148mm x 210mm 
  • 249 pages
  • Undated, lasts for three months of journaling
  • 2x 100% natural cotton ribbons
  • 100% recycled, biodegradable, FSC™ certified paper
  • 100% natural linen, hard cover with foil printing
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      Some of the lives we have guided toward positive change.

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      Notes to Self Journal

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      Your daily dose of self-reflection and self-discovery. 

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      Take a look inside:

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      1. Date

      2. Location

      3. Morning gratitude: What am I celebrating?

      4. Self-awareness reflection: What am I noticing?

      5. Priorities of the day: What actions can I take to make my day successful?

      6. Morning routine check-in: Did I follow through with my routine today?

      7. Space for creative writing prompt to inspire you

      8. Room for notes and free journaling 

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      This journal is you talking to you.

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      Be brutally, magnificently, courageously true to yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will have in your entire life, and the fastest way to growth is through truth. These are your notes to yourself.

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