Ritual Space • Selenite Moon

$35.00 CAD

Guided by the lights, begin the journey to your true self!

This beautiful moon-shaped Selenite plate represents everything that this remarkable stone is about. Just like the moon goddess Selene after which the Crystal is named, this Selenite plate is filled with divine feminine energy. Its grounding ability will give you clarity and calm, while its cleansing energy will charge any Crystal placed in it! A

Our Tip: Clean your Crystals with water, place them on the Selenite moon charging bowl and let them sit overnight.

Made in Greece.

Selenite, also known as the angel stone, has a powerful spiritual effect on you - the Crystal fastens your spiritual development and also increases insight into your subconscious! It is named after the Greek moon goddess Selene and thus associated with divine feminine energy and moon cycles. Truly, a beautiful stone that helps you find peace and inner balance.

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