Debunking Tarot Myths

Preparing for a tarot reading • Reading Time: ~3 mins

This month we invite St Soleil muse Nastia Drozd (@anastasiadrozd) to debunk tarot myths, welcome this ancient mystical practice into our modern lives, and make the most of your tarot reading.


✨ First, no sneaky sh💫t, be honest, why do you need this?

If there is no intention aka question trust me, they may play the same game with you. Confusing and joking.
Why so?
Because cards read our energy, through the reader. If this happens, it may be super confusing for a reader as well as for a client, it will taint the answers and leave everyone feeling like the reading was superficial and just brushing the surface…

To make the most of cosmic energies channelled for you, before the reading, form your questions. You may list them, in the form of . one main intention or a whole list of questions.

Don’t be afraid to be clear: what do you want to learn/know about? Don’t test cards/energies/spirits or a reader, again, they read our energy.

✨ Tarot readers need to know their client’s story as well. This ancient chanelling is a part of a clear, detailed reading and a therapy after all, and diving into some details of one’s background can bring clarity to receive important messages on how to deal with the situations, rather than just soaking in something that has already happened. ATarot readers are guides to celestial wisdom, they act only as channels for messages to come through for your highest good. It is important to not associate your reading with the personality of your reader…!

✨ Also let’s touch on those “weird” visions, images, colors, sounds or specific feelings in a body that a reader may receive. I have it at the beginning of the readings mostly, it’s like a hint or a riddle sometimes you need to solve. At the beginning of the reading it seems like it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t mean anything for a client or a reader, but don’t freak out and please, don’t label it as just your imagination. It may be revealed during a reading and give you a specific advice, so be patient and accept them all, you might be surprised how everything is connected after all.

✨ Another important element: try to find a moment for your session (that means no people around, no kids, no work, no “let’s do it quickly”).Gift yourself a quiet safe space: prepare your glass of water, favorite scented candle, breathe deep till your stomach, be aware of this breath, find a reader who is on the same wave as you are, trust your intuition - it is a therapy after all!.

" For a reader it works exactly the same way.
That connection with the cards, the informational field,
may happen if there’s no blockage between you and this energetic field.
By blockage I mean you have to be in a “zero” state of mind,
no inner dialogues, no emotions, no expectations, no judgment -
that well-known nothingness. "


I like to think about a tarot reading as a healing session first of all. Many people, especially those who try it for the first time may be scared that tapping into the energies represents a dark, unsafe experience…

Firstly, you are empowered to protect yourself and your energy field. We can touch on that in the future!

Secondly, … tarot sessions are designed as a healing modality for the personal development and insights deeper into the Self.

Seeing past events, predicting future is a natural part of a tarot reading but there are some things not all of us remember when it comes to TAROT: we all can reprogram our patterns of behavior and it is 100% our responsibility to heal, rewrite our limited beliefs that may change events in the future for better. If you were shown a specific outcome that doesn’t look optimistic, you hold the power to ask for advice on how to change it or where your focus should be directed to in this case.

Tarot cards bring some clarity about the situation and trust me, they don’t want to leave you suffering on the dark side.

⭐️Tarot reading is/isn't magical: There are different approaches of receiving and delivering messages, which is great! I do intuitive reading, I know who I can ask for guidance and how I can channel it - it took me million tries and spreads! Some readers use other things, it may be crystals, psychology, numerology, astrology and oh, boy, how many helpers there might be. There are so many other interesting and healing aspects about tarot and the best part of it is that you’re free to explore them however you feel it. Consider them as your good friend who always has that wise advice for any situation you’re dealing with. Isn’t it great to have that support and guidance?

Be serious but also don’t forget about having fun with them, discovering yourself deeply.
*Wink-wink, tarot cards were created as playing cards historically!

“Everything is an illusion and a game we experience here, on the planet titled Earth”.

Words by Nastia Drozd.

Modern witch, tarot reader, cosmic downloader, artist and tattooing human vessels,... Nastia is a St Soleil muse and expert in all things channelling messages through cards.

Nastia explores her gifts and intuition through different practices that she creates. Sometimes intuitively, sometimes through meaningful connections with wonderful people.

She currently lives in Bali and believes that this place is powerful, helping her to stay connected, be closer to her spirit, discover new depths of spiritual world through traditions, nature and people.
Nastia is a believer that we all are gifted. Intuition is a natural part of us, we all have it. We can access it anytime we need it as a powerful tool that may guide us.
Tarot reading, channeling and art therapies are Nastia's tools for her self-healing process, and to share the compassion from her cup to assist other souls on their journeys. From discovery of the mysteries to integration of deep knowledge from within, creating this magical life.


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