DIY Luxe Wrapping Paper

Re-Use and Upcycle
• A DIY Luxe unwrapping Experience
By St Soleil Founder, Britta

12 weeks till Christmas ✨
You didn't hear it from us....!

Craft your own Luxe Wrapping Paper, infuse Love for you, them and Our beautiful Planet with this creative repurposing:


Follow our simple steps in the video below, to re-use and upcycle our 2023 Celestial Wall Calendar as Wrapping Paper:

• Delightful to the touch: our luxe linen paper with gold foiling will be the perfect unwrapping experience
• Follow the video step-by-step - filmed by our Master Creatrix for you!


• a St Soleil Celestial Wall Calendar: mindfully priced at $12 for the remainder of the year: choose Beige or Midnight Black,
• some string,
• some dried flowers or other finishing touches,

• and Your Love Note! 🌙

We can't wait to see your creations!


You can also watch and Save it on Instagram here.

ps. tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can feature your creations with the St Soleil Community!


Words by Britta, St Soleil Founder

As a creative, visionary and implementor - and one deeply rooted in an array of my own 'light-passions' - looking back, St Soleil being brought forth into the world was probably always inevitable. Whether I knew it at the time or not.

All St Soleil creations are designed and cultivated with a deep sense of purpose and intent; not only from channelled wisdom, energy encoding and collective impact but also from very real, tangible considerations such as our collaboration with Mother Earth and our ongoing dance with larger conversations like consumerisim.

Trust your Self... and enjoy the journey, xo

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Female Founded & Owned

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We Give Back { i = Change }

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