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Our latest Updates/Announcements:

What's Next in 2022?
As our St Soleil Community has grown so too has our International Customer base. We're moving our Studio Fulfilment to California, USA in February 2022! We're very excited about this new transition! It's a greater epicentre of the world than our Sydney Studio. With faster shipping and logistics channels to our customers in USA, UK, EUROPE, SCANDINAVIA, SOUTH AMERICA and the rest of the world.

Q. How many people are in the St Soleil Team?

Britta started creating and working on St Soleil back in 2018, it was a one-woman show for the first couple of years until more loving hands were needed on board. We now have a small, dedicated team of 4 at our studio split between Sydney and California and have great ongoing relationships with our contractors and freelancers.

"I've always wanted St Soleil to be a tight knit team, with in-house skills all at the studio with me where possible. I like to think the care and dedication we each have shows through everything we do with the brand" - Britta

Q. How did St Soleil Start?

"St Soleil was a beautiful 'accident', I never intended it to become the cult followed brand it is today. I am so overjoyed with it's natural, organic evolution. Nothing has ever been forced or strategised. Everything is created from the heart.

As an artist I have always been creating and exploring new mediums. I started working on 'Child Of The Universe' in my free time, purely for the love of it, never intending it to become what it is now. The guidebook quickly became a huge book based around astrology. I not only enjoy the design, writing and creation of each work, but the operational structure and business side too. It was a beautiful match.

Child of the Universe was posted on my artist website as a seperate project to my artworks, and it gained so much traction and attention I felt an undeniable pull to create a brand to encapsulate its unique essence. And so, St Soleil was born.

It was a one-woman show, I'd be busy designing and creating the products, as well as wrapping and sending orders, emailing customers organising operations and finding time to share on social media. It was growing so fast I needed to find like-minded souls to join my team after the first year.

Everything I create I have created for my own love, use and desire to own it myself, never to 'satisfy the market'. That's why I love St Soleil so much. She's so organic, free flowing, and I let her direct the next moves we make together." - Britta

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