Ceramic Rope Incense Burner

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€26,95 EUR

Elevated by human touch, our gorgeous handmade ceramic rope incense burners are crafted from clay and brass.

White oval stoneware incense dish that comes with a brass rope incense holder for rope incense. The brass piece can be removed, so the dish can be used for regular stick incense as well.

Our ceramics are hand made by a woman run studio, in Rochester, NY. Each ceramic piece is hand built, and glazed by hand. Every item is unique; shape, colour, and glaze may very from piece to piece.

Pairs Beautifully with our Hand Rolled Rope Incense & Palo Santo Incense Sticks which are sold seperately

Made in United States

Wipe clean with a soft cloth. Treat with care ♡

Dimensions are Approx. 5" x 0.5” (Actual Shades and Sizes may vary due to handmade nature)

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