Pink Quartz Crystal Geode

€25,95 EUR
Peace, purity and harmony - A stone that feels like a warm blanket.

Something beautiful to share! Astonishing is an understatement when you see this pair of Crystal Geodes. It's a double dose of gorgeousness. When you add the two halves together, they create a whole. Whether you share this breathtaking gem or keep it for yourself, this Geode is sure to purify, vitalise and strengthen.

Our Tip: Gift half of it to your soulmate, especially if they are spiritual. Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a Crystal Geode!

About Quartz Crystal Quartz Crystal is the most powerful energy amplifier of all gemstones and is rightly known as a Master Healer. The Crystal is able to absorb, store and release energy, effortlessly responding to your needs. Owing to its strong healing and cleansing properties, we have put Quartz Crystal at the heart of all our skincare products!

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