Adaptogenic Body Chocolate Recipe


This month has seen our connection grow with Orchard Street, a proud St Soleil Stockist. The Orchard Street community aims to connect you with the life enhancing power of supremely potent plant medicines, offering a range of organic juice cleanses, premium tonic herbs and more.

As we immerse ourselves deeper into the love season, we encourage you to indulge in full-body pleasure with this recipe for Adaptogenic Chocolate Body Paint shared with us by the Orchard Street team. This recipe is an inspired creation harnessing the power of Passion Elixir Powder and potently concentrated libido-loving tonic herb extracts Maca and Shatavari.


Image credit: Orchard Street

Image credit: Orchard Street


The Ritual

Combine melted coconut oil and cacao butter in a large bowl.

Add maple syrup and whisk to combine.

Stir through Cacao Base Powder, Passion Elixir Powder, Shatavari, Maca and sea salt.

Taste and adjust sweetness or salt as you wish.

Enjoy in play, on dessert or anywhere you deem delicious. Be sure to check the temperature is body appropriate if applying.

We hope you love inuldging in this pleasure-inducing recipe.