Fill Your Love Cup


Have you ever thought about what love means to you, and the many dimensions in which it shows up in your life?

We believe that love starts from within: a sense of reverence for the magic of the Self, to be poured out from our very own full cup and shared with the world.

Fill up your love cup with these 5 heart-filled rituals:

♥ 1. Take yourself on a date

Symbols are powerful. We utilise them in many ways every day.

Did you know that the one we use so widely for love, the heart symbol, originated from Ancient Greeks who associated ivy leaves with the God Dionysus – the embodiment of passion, wine, and other sensual human pleasures?

Forget about the hallmark traditions of ‘Valentine’s Day’, and take a moment to depict your own perfect day or evening. Then plan to do just that.

Indulge in your favourite meal; cook yourself a dessert; go for your favourite walk or swim; catch up with a loved soul for heart-to-heart conversations… and consume positive vibrations to elevate your being. Love is why you are here!



♥ 2. Take Time to Honour your own Phase

“Dream by the Moon” is our motto. Did you know that the feminine energy of the moon, or yin energy, aligns beautifully with Valentine’s Day and the delicious sensation of living as an emotional being?

With the moon waxing and rounding up towards her full expression on May 16, our offering to you is to sit and honour your feelings, right now. Take a breath, connect to your center, honour your own phase, right here. Are you full of energy and outwards, or quiet within and inwards?

Our 2022 Celestial Journal was created to allow a deeper sense of connection with the outer layers of our universe, and is a beautiful tool to jolt down your thoughts.

♥ 3. A Mindful Tea Ceremony for the Self

This is your invitation to stop and pour meaning into a simple daily task.

We often take for granted the access to daily commodities, and sitting with a cup of tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate…) brings the magic of concoction to life. Close your eyes, and thank the elements for coming together to offer you this moment: the water from the tap, the sound of bubbles bouncing off the inner sides of the kettle when it starts boiling, the farmer growing and harvesting the herbs in the teabag, the creator giving shape to clay and revealing the mug… and every single cell of your being for their presence, right now.

Take in the smell, feel the heat between your hands, the vapour to your face, and open your eyes to take in the first sip, in immense gratitude.



♥ 4. Indulge in a Self-Massage Practice

The ancient ayurveda ritual of abhyanga, in Indian medicine, is simple and delicious.

Choose a quality massage oil, like our Ritual Oil Set (you can also use coconut or sweet almond oil). You can choose to have a warm shower first, or after your massage.

Rub a little oil between your hands to warm it up, bring it to your face and smell the multiple aromas. Then massage your entire body, from head to toe, from hands to heart, feeling how good it is to be ‘you’ today. Thank your healthy body, bones and cells, your astral guides and the life force energy that runs through you.

Founder Tip: Play your favourite mantras, affirmation playlist in the background, sing to yourself or simply immerse yourself in the beauty of silence and the rhythms of your body's natural sounds.

♥ 5. Ask the Cards

Created from astrological based elements, such as the Zodiac, Lunar Phases, Planets and Luminaries, our Child of the Universe Oracle Deck is a beautiful guide to invite you to explore your spiritual life, here on Earth.

Draw a card, or a spread, and invite yourself for the journey. The cosmos has messages if only we are ready to listen!

Psss… For a limited time only receive a complimentary heart-shaped rose-quartz crystal valued at $29AUD with the first 200 preorders placed during the love season ~ 4-14 February 2022.

Founder Tip: Draw from your compliment bank. Everytime someone offers you a compliment, write the words down into the notes section on your phone. When you're in need of a pick-me-up, read through your compliment bank to lift your spirits.

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