Mercury Enters Pisces • 23 Feb - 9 Mar 2024

Mercury in Pisces

Embracing the Mystical Waters: Mercury in Pisces

In the celestial dance of the cosmos, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, gracefully glides into the ethereal realms of Pisces from February 23rd to March 9th, 2024. This cosmic transit invites us to surrender to the whispers of intuition, to dive deep into the ocean of our subconscious, and to embrace the magic that lies within.

As Mercury journeys through Pisces, its energy takes on a dreamy and imaginative hue. This isn't the time for logic and linear thinking; instead, it's a period for exploring the realms of fantasy, intuition, and creative expression. With Mercury in Pisces, our thoughts become fluid, our communication takes on a poetic quality, and we're more attuned to the subtle energies that flow through the universe.


One key aspect of Mercury in Pisces is its influence on communication. During this time, our words take on a poetic and emotive quality, and we're more likely to speak from the heart rather than the head. This is a time for expressing our deepest emotions, for sharing our dreams and visions, and for connecting with others on a soul level. However, it's important to remember that Mercury in Pisces can also blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, so it's essential to approach communication with compassion, empathy, and discernment.

Creativity & Intuition

Another key aspect of Mercury in Pisces is its influence on creativity and intuition. This transit encourages us to tap into our inner artist, to explore the realms of imagination, and to embrace the magic of creative expression. Whether through writing, painting, music, or any other form of artistic expression, Mercury in Pisces invites us to channel our intuition and allow our creativity to flow freely. This is a time for trusting our inner voice, for listening to the wisdom of our dreams, and for allowing ourselves to be inspired by the beauty and magic of the world around us.



Creative Ritual

To fully embrace the energies of Mercury in Pisces, consider incorporating a ritual of creative expression into your daily practice. Set aside some time each day to connect with your inner artist, whether through journaling, drawing, dancing, or simply allowing yourself to daydream. Let go of any expectations or judgments, and allow your creativity to flow freely. Trust that the messages and insights that emerge during this process are divinely inspired, and allow yourself to be open to receiving them.


As Mercury dances through the mystical waters of Pisces, let us embrace the magic and wonder that surrounds us. Let us surrender to the beauty of the unknown, and allow ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of our intuition. And may we remember that in the depths of our imagination, we find the true essence of our souls.


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Words by Founder of St Soleil.
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