Coco • Pluma {Blanco y Dorado}

$36.00 USD

Conozca 'Coco' {White & Gold} Una versión moderna de un viejo clásico, un lujoso bolígrafo bañado en oro de Axel & Ash. Aquí para inspirar y aportar magia a su ritual diario con St Soleil.

• Diseñado con tinta negra recargable de 1 mm para un bolígrafo sostenible "para siempre"

• Empaquetado en una hermosa caja de lujo, cada bolígrafo viene con un soporte de latón pesado que agregará una apariencia atemporal a su espacio para escribir un diario.
• Edición negra y dorada aquí

• Bolígrafo de latón con opción de tinta recargable
• Pluma bañada en oro
• Soporte de latón pesado

"Los rituales son muy importantes. Nos regalan atención plena, presencia y la oportunidad de volver a centrarnos en nuestro ser interior. Cuando reservamos este tiempo de calidad para la ceremonia, aprovechamos el poder de transformar nuestro espíritu, cambiar perspectivas y recuperar el enfoque en nuestras vidas. ... No hay nada más valioso que tomarse unos momentos cada mañana para crear y cuidar su pacífico mundo interior". - Britta

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PICTURES DID NO JUSTICE FOR THIS BEAUTY!! When I received my order and opened it, I didn't expect to see such a beautifully, secure packaging. The box this Coco feather pen was housed in spoke for itself on what I was about to unwrap, and once I slid the box open...OMG!!! beautiful vellum and a GORGEOUS pen encapsulated by foam cushion with an exquisite brass weighted stand that, when put together, creates the amazing body of this soft, gold dipped tip pen that wrote so smoothly on regular paper as well as cotton paper, and the fact it is refillable is an added bonus that is beyond what I expected. This was definitely worth the purchase, and I will be purchasing the black & gold edition. If your taste is of this fancy and you're inspired, I encourage you to purchase this with no hesitation.

Thank you, Shena! Your words are like a love letter to our Coco feather pen, and we can't thank you enough for sharing your heartfelt review with us! We designed its presentation to be as enchanting as the writing experience itself. Wishing you countless inspired moments with your Coco feather pen and lots of love and creativity! Love, ~St Soleil x 💛

Melinda Ackerman

Beautiful, and beautifully packaged, which makes it so giftable. Who wouldn't love writing with their own fancy quill pen? I love how it looks in its little vignette on my desk, and I reach for it often, despite having a LOT of pens at my disposal, many of which are frankly more comfortable and write better. I love that this pen is refillable, and the fact that it's a very standard ballpoint for that reason makes it sustainable but not a *perfect* writing experience. Ink skips just a touch. Still adore it! Still use it daily. I'll be refilling it forever, for sure.

I would love a version that was a touch thicker in the barrel, especially if it was a refillable fountain pen. But please keep this one in stock forever! I will be buying more for gifts!

Thank you so much for your lovely review, Melinda! and what a nice capture.✨ We plan to keep this pen in stock for a long time to come, and we'll be delighted to assist you with any future gifts you'd like to purchase. Your suggestion is also cherished in our treasure trove. Much love, ~St Soleil x

Mélanie Marie VERNOUX

A Precious and delicate wing to write in my journal.
The stand is very useful to place it on your desk.

May it inspire many moments of creativity and reflection as you write your thoughts and dreams. We appreciate your review, dear one. ✨ ~St Soleil x

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