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We're all about sharing the good vibes. We love hearing your individual stories, touching moments and beautiful experiences you've had with your St. Soleil pieces. It fills our hearts with such love and light that you have connected so deeply to something we have poured our hearts and souls into.


Sharni, USA
{Divine Connections Oracle & Child Of The Universe}

"The package arrived today and I'm absolutely beyond happy. Both decks are stunning and the book that came with the child of the universe deck is literally magic! I was so excited when I was opening it, that one of my family members actually came down the hallway to check if something was wrong haha. I've wanted to buy the deck for the longest time, so I'm so happy - and thank you for the beautiful smokey quartz :) I can't wait to use these beautiful cards in my readings!" 
Destany, Oregon USA {2021 Celestial Journal}

"I bought this journal/planner last year and fell absolutely in love with it! If you’re spiritual, into astrology, and/or a little witchy/into manifestation, you NEED this planner. Honestly the shop owner is so sweet and really puts so much thought into her items. The 2021 celestial journal is even more beautiful than the one last year, which I didn’t think was possible! The packaging was so well thought out! We even have an adorable little cotton or muslin cloth sack to store it in. I love that the cover is vegan leather and that we have an inside pocket to keep extra items! I am in love with this shop and will always repurchase again and again (as well as purchase new things)! I can’t say enough about the shop owner or this planner!!"
Freddie, London UK  {2021 Celestial Journal}

"Hey Britta ! Hope you're doing well :) Thought I'd let you know that I ordered one of your celestial journals a few days ago. I have to say I am so excited for it, I've never come across such a beautifully detailed and loving journal/planner in my life! Thanks for all that you do, in terms of your products and your caring consciousness of the planet as well, it really has a ripple effect ;) Lots of love, Freddie"

Jes  {Feminine Divine Affirmation Deck}

"This deck is so amazingly well put together. I love the box it comes in, I love the wooden stand that it comes with for you to stand your cards up in. Highly recommend this deck, you will not be disappointed! ♡ " 

Lara  {Divine Connections Oracle}

"Beautiful deck well worth the wait. Precise and intense messages, so far I'm having chills every time I draw cards from this deck. Thank you for creating this gem" 

Melanie  {2021 Celestial Journal}

"A truly magickal Planner! Great quality and very inspiring! Shipping was super fast too. Britta is very helpful and kind. She even reshipped my other orders, stuck in Australia. I highly recommend this shop and Britta is a beautiful soul!" 

Alexa  {2021 Celestial Journal}

  "This is the most beautifully crafted journal I have ever seen. I can feel the love and intention in your work and am so grateful to have this journal by me throughout 2021. Thank you :)"

Anna {Child Of The Universe, Gold Edition}

I bought the journal and the gold edition oracle deck and they're both absolutely perfect!! The quality of these items is unparalleled and the care that went into the packaging and the creation of these items is wonderful. I would definitely buy from this store again!!!


Destany  {2021 Celestial Journal}

"Hi! Just needed to reach back out and tell you how much I am in LOVE with this years Celestial Planner!! Honestly it’s everything I could’ve asked for and more. All the adjustments you’ve made are really amazing! I didn’t think it could get any better than last years, but you really topped it! 🌙✨"

Casey, Australia  {Child Of The Universe Oracle}

"If you're doubting this deck - don't! The cards are absolutely beautiful and so well made, I could spend hours looking at them and still discover more details I didn't see before. The book is unlike anything I've ever seen, truly a great tool for both experienced readers and learners. Can't recommend enough!!

Bryn, New York {Child Of The Universe Oracle}

"This guidebook is everything! It's an entire journey into the cosmos in's not just wafty spiritual language, but covers really in-depth technical aspects as well. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith with this new deck, I just adore it."


京子 山本,, Japan {Child Of The Universe Oracle}

"The cards are filled with moonlight, planets and wonderful energies; they really really soothe my soul. The drawings are just so beautiful and they are now mine to enjoy everyday!"


Briatrix, USA {Child Of The Universe Oracle}

"...Just want to spread the word about this gorgeous deck that has come into my life. The guidebook alone is worth the purchase and is more like a Mystic’s encyclopedia. Love this so much ❤️ "


 Inês, Protugal {Child Of The Universe Oracle}

"Thank you for creating this masterpiece Britta, your beautiful writing has inspired and gifted me with the knowledge to explore so much of what I love. It's a whole BOOK about Astrology, not just a card reference guide as you might expect with others!" 

Natalie, Mississippi {Child Of The Universe Oracle}  

"I just got my cards, and I'm overwhelmed! The cards are absolutely beautiful, I can feel the spirit of them, and I 100% believe they will be as magical as they seem. I am just getting started into Astrology, and this book feels like teacher and guide I will learn so much from. I am blown away by it! Finding your cards feels like a special gift to help me navigate and explore these new places I find myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these and putting this wonderful tool out there for others!"

Alicia, Houston Texas {Child Of The Universe Oracle}

"Wow wow wow. What a beautiful set. It resonated with me the second I found it after setting an intention months ago to find the perfect deck. I'm speechless and full o gratitude."

{Clementine, France}
"Dearest Sister, Thank you so deeply for your presence in this world for you have a divine gift of Beauty. I so appreciate the way you wrap your offerings, I so adore the attention and atmospheric bliss and protection you so kindly weave within the compassion and medicine of Love that you embrace, honour and share. I see the infusion of your incredible energy in it all and I am in awe. It took me a while to find the perfect deck to send to my oldest best friend, an angelic soul sister I met at school in Vietnam when we were 10 years old, who’s going through a lot of Scorpio re-births and inner transformations. She is blooming and becoming into the woman she’s always meant to be. I want to honour her beautiful process and her 26th bearthday on the 23rd of October and I couldn’t think of a better energy than your shop’s to make this year for her one of magic. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so. You are so divine. With all my love, light and blessings, Clementine"

{Mario, Santa Rosa, California USA}
"I just wanted to let you know that I got the second deck and have given the other to my friend now!! We both ADORE the decks!! They're so beautiful and amazing and have already helped us a lot!! We picked mine up from the post box (hers was already in the car) and opened them right then and she got the feeling to shuffle and draw a card and so within 5 minutes of having them it was already trying to reassure her (as some negative things have happened recently). We used them properly later and just, wow!! They have such good messages and such good information, and the guidebook you wrote is so in depth and wonderful and we both can't thank you enough for how amazing these cards have already been, and it's been less than a week!!! So thank you so so much!!!" - Mario

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