'Earth Crystals' • Oracle Deck

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Our 'Earth Crystals' Oracle --

Our beautiful new Earth Crystals Oracle taps into the Earth Energies of Mother Natures Beautiful Crystals. There are 42 different energies, messages and affirmations to use in your readings -- exclusively or in combination/to compliment your larger tarot readings, as a daily card pull or meditation tool.

{ Features }
• 42 Card Oracle Deck
• Sturdy, thick card stock
• Buttery 'Soft-touch' matte finish cards
• Big card size for beautiful display of words and imagery in your sacred space
• Card dimensions: 3.5 x 5 in"/ 89 x 127 mm
• Keepsake card box with magnetic closure

Card Details -- 

• Watercolour Crystal Artwork
• Crystal Name 
• Unique Affirmation associated to each Crystal
• Key words that represent each Crystal
• The corresponding Chakra/s to each Crystal
• The corresponding Zodiac Signs of each Crystal
• Associated Numerology Number/s 

{ Your Bundle Includes }
• Hand chosen crystal with each deck
• Hand-made eco-cotton drawstring pouch to store your Mystical Tools


"A sacred space and loving connection between souls. This deck was manifested for the twin flames, souls mates, karmic and divinely guided relationships in the 3D & 5D. May it bring you clarity, insight and connect you to the abundance of love" - Britta