St Soleil

Ritual Space • Gold Leafed Oyster Shell Dish

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$30.00 USD

Elevate your ritual and sacred ceremonial spaces with our gorgeous naturally sourced, hand gilded oyster dish. Hand chosen based on their unique beauty and finished in small, considered batches.

Hand Gilded in Gold Leaf, Organic Shape, Beautified by Human-Touch
• Each and every shell is crafted by Mother Nature and unique in shape and size
• Perfect as a jewellery holder, salt vessel, holy water, sage dish, oil diffuser or other sacred items
• The internal side is coated and sealed for longevity


Pay homage to the elemental Goddesses of the Ocean.

Treat with care ♡ Wipe clean with a soft cloth. Shells internal surface can be gently hand washed as gold gilding is waterproof and sealed.

Size: 8 - 10 cm H x 4-5 cm W
Sizes can vary as naturally sourced

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