St Soleil

Ritual Wand • Wildflower Selenite Wand

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$18.00 USD

Hand Bundled Wildflower & Selenite Crystal Wand • Beauty
{Ethically and sustainably sourced}

Beautify, cleanse and welcome in the new seasons energy with our gorgeous selenite wand. Invite these gorgeous energies to dance around you during your sacred rituals.

Each wand is handmade and will differ slightly in size and type of florals, no two are alike. They are intuitively crafted and chosen for each order.


Handmade with love in California • Locally sourced and dried flowers

• One product includes 1 Wildflower Selenite Wand
• Each measures approx. 3-4.5" long
• Florals will vary due to the bespoke handmade nature of this item

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