Selenite Moon Palm Stone

$12.00 USD

Journey to the cosmos with our stellar Selenite Moons and Stars. Clear the body, mind, and soul with iridescent Selenite.

Sourced in the USA ♡ Hand chosen.

• Approx. 2.5" L
• "AAA Crystal" (High Quality)
• One of a kind; slight variations in size, shape, and colour are natural

Selenite is the ultimate cleanser. It cleanses and clears the body, mind, and soul. Selenite can unblock stagnant energy, and removes negative energy. It is powerful as a shield, and protects a person or space. Selenite calms and brings peaceful energy. It also encourages calm sleep and soothing dreams. Selenite opens the Crown Chakra, and aids in mediation or other spiritual work. It also helps to align all the Chakras, and brings healing energy. Selenite can intensely magnify the energy of any other stone that is placed on it. In addition, selenite is self-cleansing, and also cleanses any stone that is placed near or on it.

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