{Set} Carved Hoop Earrings • 10k Solid Gold

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Adorn yourself with our illuminated 'Forgotten Gods of Nature' 2021 Collection.

T H E ∙ D E T A I L S
∙ Solid 10k Gold
∙ 10K Gold: We love it for its light golden colour and greater durability
∙ Set of FOUR earrings: two large carved hoops, two small carved hoops
∙ Created with intention

∙ Sustainably sourced materials
∙ Gold is crafted from locally recycled, refined material


"Our 'Forgotten Gods of Nature' Collection incarnates the gods hidden underfoot, found nestled in enchanted forests, and laying dormant at the feet of the great mountains. It depicts the gods of wind and water; of the god that lay dreaming below the rumble of the oceans, and riding breezes higher than the cirrus clouds. Of the god coiled in the centre of the rising sun; gods of stardust and starlight, guardians of our solar system, and the god of the spaces in-between."


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