Six Month Tarot Reading to Navigate Intention Realignment

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Tarot Magic ~ Navigating Intention Realignment with a Six Month Reading Reading Time: ~5 mins
By Tarot Reader, Channel and Muse Emma @evokealchemy

In our world filled with distractions, it's essential to pause, and to realign our intentions - reconnecting with our true selves. One powerful and beautiful tool that can assist in this process is Tarot. With its mystical imagery and deep symbolism, tarot provides a unique lens through which we can explore our own personal intentions, gain clarity, and manifest our desires.  

My name is Emma, I am a Clairaudient Tarot, Human Design and Oracle reader and in this blog post, we delve into the transformative journey of a 6-month tarot reading, discovering how it can guide us in realigning our intentions and manifesting positive changes in our lives.


Tarot cards have long captivated and fascinated individuals seeking insight and guidance. Each card carries its own meaning, symbolising various aspects of human experience and offering opportunities for self-reflection. By consulting the tarot, we tap into a wellspring of ancient wisdom and unlock the potential for personal growth. I use my cards personally and for others to help instil the belief that we hold the answers within us at all times.


To embrace the light a 6-month tarot reading journey has to offer, it's essential to begin by setting clear intentions. Take some time to reflect on what you wish to manifest in your life during this period. Is it a career change, improved relationships, or inner peace? Craft your intentions with sincerity and focus, allowing the energy to flow from your heart into the cards. It is this clear intention and realignment that brings focus and energy to your spread.


Choosing a tarot deck that resonates with you is a crucial step in this process. Whether you prefer the classic Rider-Waite deck or are drawn to more contemporary designs such as the etheric beauty of the St Soleil offerings, always select a deck that speaks to your intuition. The imagery and symbolism within the cards should evoke a sense of connection and inspiration and peace.

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Monthly spreads are a snapshot of the energies and opportunities that lie ahead.
Here we use the Crowned Horseshoe spread.
The Crowned Horseshoe was created to instil the belief that we all have the hope and intention to create our own reality. But to do so we must wear our crown, seek things that align with our truth, our fates and also our highest perception of self. To wear your crown means to be open and willing to see yourself as you are, in black, white and colour, and be proud of that.

You are the conduit; Believe.


Take your most beloved deck of cards and hold them close to your heart - ask the universe to send you loving guidance and messages of the highest good for you today, tomorrow and moving into the latter part of this year. When you feel inspired to, begin to shuffle in any way you are drawn to, holding your intentions clearly in your mind.
Layout the cards one at a time as shown:

> the initial card will be your focus card, the overarching theme and point of reference and clarification.
> Each further card laid will represent a month.

Take note of the cards' meanings and consider how they relate to your intentions and current circumstances.


Interpretation is a deeply personal process, and as you navigate your 6-month tarot journey, trust your intuition to guide you. Each card holds multiple layers of meaning, and it's crucial to consider the context of your own life while interpreting their messages. Reflect on the symbolism, colours, and emotions evoked by the cards, allowing them to provide insight into your intentions.

Always use your focus card as the compass to guide you.


Throughout the six months, maintain a journal dedicated to your tarot journey. Choose one that makes your heart sing, that you enjoy looking at, with textures you enjoy the sensation of in order to draw you toward using it. Note the cards you draw, record any significant events or synchronicities, and reflect on the guidance provided by the cards. By tracking your progress and reflecting on your experiences, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the patterns and shifts in your life, and recognise your power within that.

Tip: if you choose the St Soleil Celestial Journal, each month a special space is dedicated to Tarot Reflection. You can record the cards you draw out for each month ahead, and remember their message every 4 weeks!


Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev


Remember, life is fluid, and circumstances will change. Be open to the guidance of the tarot, but also trust your instincts to adapt and adjust as needed. The 6-month journey is a process of spiritual and earthly growth, and the cards will support you in realigning your intentions even when unexpected twists and turns occur. The depth of Tarot cards allows us to interpret messages according to a main driving energy/frequency, specific to the life experiences presented to you.


As you progress through the months, take proactive steps toward manifesting the changes you desire. The tarot acts as a guide, but it is a personal commitment to Self to embody the lessons and act upon the insights gained.

Use the clarity provided by the cards to make conscious choices and take meaningful actions aligned with your intentions. I journal daily and I express my gratitude for the gifts that happen everyday. It is reciprocal, the more you practise gratitude, the more joy you will encounter in your life: it is lifeforce energy.


Throughout your 6-month tarot reading journey, don't forget to celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small. Acknowledge all growth, transformations, and positive changes that you have borne. By expressing gratitude and honouring your progress, you reinforce the intention realignment process and open yourself to even greater manifestations in this world.


Embarking on a 6-month tarot reading journey is an incredibly powerful way to realign your intentions and cultivate positive change in your life. Through the mystical language of the cards, you'll gain insight, clarity, and guidance along the way. Trust the process, embrace the magic of tarot, and let it be a transformative tool that empowers you to manifest your true desires. May this connected journey ignite your inner wisdom and lead you to a path of intention realignment and fulfilment,


Words by Emma

Human Design, Oracle & Tarot Reader

At Evoke Alchemy Tarot I channel messages for you using the gift of the tarot, numerology, charms, oracle and pendulum.

I love to unfold the chaos in people's earthly lives with my spirit guides and empower you with the tools to create your own harmony and balance.


Emma is based in the UK.


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