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S T • S O L E I L

'St. Soleil' literally translates as " Saint Sun " or "Holy Sun".
It's representative of our luminous Sun,
which is the centre of our Solar System, the life giving vital energy that nourishes us all, and illuminates our world.

O U R • S T O R Y 𓆸

Founded under a new moon in 2018 in Australia, St Soleil has been quietly attracting a cult-following of Modern Mystics with its alluring range of spiritually-considered offerings. Known for their refined, quality pieces and intuitive process of creation, St Soleil creates timeless keepsakes intended to nourish your soul for the everyday and treasured for many moons to come.


We're steadily moving our hearts home to California. We're evolving and expanding into this new chapter with open hearts, eager minds and a souls of burning lights.

M E E T • T H E • F O U N D E R 𓁿

"St Soleil was born through an open, readied channel of inner-seeking, thirst for expansion and a calling to greater contribution. She is grounded in mission, authenticity, and lifeforce energy. St Soleil became the spiritual manifestation of my own spiritual journey, one that mirrors my own progress and unfolding to this day.

As a creative, visionary and implementor - and one deeply rooted in an array of my own 'light-passions' - looking back, St Soleil being brought forth into the world was probably always inevitable. Whether I knew it at the time or not.

All St Soleil creations are designed and cultivated with a deep sense of purpose and intent; not only from channelled wisdom, energy encoding and collective impact but also from very real, tangible considerations such as our collaboration with Mother Earth and our ongoing dance with larger conversations like consumerisim.

I started St Soleil from the solitude of my own sacred cocoon, alchemising inspiried action and creative output from the impending cloud of light ready and eager to be birthed into form. An indescribable feeling other creatives and conduits understand I'm sure, and one I still feel to this day when a new project is transcending.

From myself, St Soleil began to move and expand; as she spoke, I listened. We danced, we quarrelled, she inspired, we miscommunicated, we reconciled, we grew apart, we came back together, I questioned, we evolved, she demanded, I rose up and I will forever continue pioneering further into new territories - for her, for myself, for our sacred community. A very real, visceral human journey of greater soul-aligned purpose.

We're now a small, powerful female-led team (yes shout out to my incredible St Soleil Team) moving with purposeful intent, building an evolving capacity for St Soleil to be a torch-barer of light for others to draw upon, be enveloped by and collaborate with.

We honour your Earthly Journey as the wild, wonderful, expression of Divinity it is. The light in me forever sees the light in you."

- Love Always, Britta