'Child Of The Universe' Midnight Edition • Oracle Deck & Book

$90.00 USD

Child Of The Universe' is a coveted, dreamy 60-Card Oracle Deck and Book Set that bridges the Heavens and Earth. It pulls together celestial and astrological energies to bring you channeled guidance from Universal Source. It calls upon starry-eyed beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The massive 480 page guidebook is an entire 'book' in its own right, here to guide you in expanding your knowledge deep into both the technical and magical realms of Astrology.

Created from astrological based elements, such as the Zodiac, Luna Phases, Planets, Luminaries and Oracle Guidance Cards in order to explore spiritual experience here on Earth. For those called to expand towards the stars, this oracle alchemises heart based intuition and the technical charts of astrology to bring forward a gift of cosmic rays.

• Card Deck • Guidebook • Tarot Cloth •

X 1 Card Deck
X 1 Guidebook
X 1 Black Organic Cotton Tarot Cloth

Card Deck --
• 60-Card Oracle Deck in Black
• Gold Foil details and design
• Luxe thick card stock with 'soft touch' finish
• Beautiful gold gilded card edges -- for a touch of magic
• 480pg Hardcover Guidebook
• Matte Soft finish keepsake box with magnetic closure
• Organic cotton Tarot Cloth
• Eco-cotton drawstring pouch for safe storage
• Traditional Tarot card size 2.75x4.75"/ 70x121mm

Contents --
I. Lunar Phases & Energies x11
II. Astrology Energies / Zodiac Signs x12
III. Planetary & Luminary Energies x11
IV. 'Celestial Wisdom’ Oracle Cards x26

Guidebook --
• Thick hardcover cover book with velvety soft touch & gold foiling
• 480page Hard Cover Book with gold foil design with super soft-touch velvety feel
• Bookmark ribbon, so you never loose your place
• A cosmic map to guide you through each of the cards & beyond

Contents --
Part 1. Getting Started | Creating the space, consecrating your cards, clearing your deck, asking questions, shuffling & cutting the deck, accessing your intuition, cleansing & charging the deck, simple meditations and more...
Part 2. Card Spreads
Part 3. About Numerology, Astrology, & Advanced Esoteric Astrology
Part 4. Card Meanings | Lunar Energy, The Zodiac, Planetary Energies & Chakras, Celestial Guidances.
Part 5. FAQ’s, Troubleshooting, and Notes from the Author + a section for your own note

"It’s my desire that the Child Of The Universe project brings the beautiful gift of spiritual perspective; one that beacons each of us to step back from the drama of our lives so that we may embrace the wonderments that we too often shut out. The dreamy, celestial nature of the cards and guidebook helps us to drift off into a spiritual state of being, reminding us we not only belong to humanity but also amongst the stars of the cosmos. May it instil that we are all unique golden threads of light interwoven within the indivisible fabric of Universal existence, and we are never as separated as we ever think or feel." - Britta

• Keep out of prolonged sunlight
• Store within keepsake box or pouch
• Shuffle carefully and on soft surfaces
• Full care card provided

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Customer service non existent

Sent an email last week and still have not had a response for my missing product ordered.

For the tarot cards they were really beautiful and great quality.

The incense holder is great but needs to have more weight on the bottom as it tends to not sit aligned and wobbles on surfaces aswell as incense stick is on a slight tilt.

Donna K
Delivery is a ripoff

You charged me an excessive amount for delivery and then said I needed insurance to make sure it arrived. The energy around this transaction has tainted the cards in my opinion. Your ethics in business vibrate through the cards and all your products. Overnight delivery was a week plus . Extra for insurance . I paid it because a client wanted those cards for her reading . They were late and I used another deck. Very disappointed .

Hi Donna,
We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. I'd like to clarify that we fulfilled your order promptly within our standard processing time frame of 24-72 hours, and it was immediately picked up by FEDEX for INTERNTIONAL EXPRESS just 48 hours later. As per our estimates provided on our website, your shipment was successfully delivered within the expected 3-6 business days for International Express to your location.

We understand that international shipping costs can be expensive, especially for heavier products like ours. While shipping insurance is optional, it serves as an additional safeguard for our customers. For your order, the international insurance cover was $2.19 USD.

If you feel that our products are not the right fit for you energetically, we completely understand. You're welcome to return the item if it remains unused.

Warmest ~ St Soileil


I love this oracle deck! I use it daily. Only con is that I wish this beautiful deck come in white.

Silvana Ocas

Encantada con esta herramienta! Es muy completa y trae mucha información.

Gracias por la reseña, Silvana. ¡Una compañera divina para alegrar tu viaje diario! Amor de ~St Soleil x ✨



Wishing you a lovely unfolding of the Child of the Universe deck, Tiffany xx

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