'Lucid Dreams' Beginners Tarot Deck • Black Eclipse {Edition IV}

$70.00 USD


We're over the moon to announce the launch of our highly anticipated BLACK ECLIPSE EDITION of our Best Selling Lucid Dreams Beginner Tarot Deck.

With upgraded features and stunning design:
Linen card stock, rich black colour, keywords in gold foil, 78 Tarot Cards with glowing updated designs for a handful of cards, rich pocket guidebook and solid keepsake card box.



We invite you to take the first steps in learning and exploring the magic of Tarot with our beautiful Beginners Deck. This tool was created for the starry-eyed beginners and souls who are just starting to dip their toes into the realms of the Occult and Mysticism. Our easy to use deck is here to assist you in learning the Tarot, tapping into to your intuition and build confidence with your card readings.

The etheric artworks are collage-art style, celestial, dreamy reflections of all 78 original cards in the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot with a twist PLUS each card details astrological symbol, zodiac, elemental keys and KEYWORDS for both upright and reverse positions in gold foil.


Edition IV • Every amendment we make to our deck we classify as a new edition release. Edition IV is professionally edited and independently published. You spoke and we listened, our pocket guidebook now also fits into a newly crafted book space within the box. Plus extra note taking space for your Tarot Journey.

• Limited Stock • Sustainable Print Runs •


• 78-card deck with all Major and Minor Arcana Cards
• Beautiful matte gold card edges for a touch of magic
• Gold foil design details on card front & back
• Luxe linen card stock with 'soft touch' finish
• Traditional Tarot card size 2.75x4.75"/ 70x121mm
Bundle Includes:
• 78- Card Tarot Deck
• 200 page pocket guidebook
• Keepsake card box

"I am so excited to release Lucid Dreams. I was drawn to create a tool for those who are just beginning to dip their toes into the beautiful realms of the occult. I trust these tools will guide your spirit, develop your intuitive confidence and hone your card reading abilities. An intentionally created spiritual tool I wish my younger self had available to her, many moons ago. So Dear One, it's now here for you. May you relish in learning the incredible wisdom of the Tarot and bask in all the magic that is to follow." - Britta

Our innovative product is officially a Registered® Trademark ™ (3 classes), and International IP Copyright Laws apply for life + 70 years of the creator. You will need to seek our permission before you intend to use our Beginner Tarot with Keywords concept. © 2021 Etre Britta pty ltd

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous tarot deck

I apologize for this very short review, but this is my fifth attempt to write a review and everything keeps going wrong. I’m very happy with the black eclipse Lucid dreams deck. It is the most luxurious and Rich deck that I’ve ever owned. I highly recommend this tarot deck.

Thank you for your sweet message! We're glad you liked it and we do hope you have a beautiful journey with the deck! ☀️

Susan Abbott
Sorry I can’t review your beautiful cads yet as sadly they have not arrived yet

I am sure they will magically appear soon


This is a beautiful deck! I love the quality and appearance of it.

Jessica Dorsett
Love my cards!

They are beautiful and they read really well


Quality product. Love the thickness of the cards and the illustrations with gold finish is so elegant and the booklet is very detailed. Love the product! Just wish the box fit the entire deck in one stack instead of splitting it into 2 parts to fit the box with the booklet. But it doesn’t affect the quality of the cards so still 5/5 stars :)

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