✓ Your item is an Authentic St Soleil
✓ You purchased your item through us directly, or a verified Stockist
✓ Your item is in loving, well-kept condition - gentle signs of use and love are accepted
  (With the exception of jewellery, as it can be melted down)
✓ Your item still has all original, functioning components - such as Card Box, Deck and Guidebook 
✓ You haven't written or made notes in your Guidebook - if applicable





Send our team an email and we'll review your submission for approval.

Tips to help us assess faster:
Ensure either your name or email address is the same as your original order
Leave us notes and photos of any signs of wear and use





What to Expect:
We aim to review submissions within 1-5 days, and will be in touch!

Potential Outcome:
Approval for your 'Return & Upgrade' with next steps to send your item to our nearest recieving location.


• How Do I Know If I Qualify or Not?
We'll need to verify your original purchase - which can be made via St Soleil Directly, or one of our verified Stockists. We will ask for a few photos of your deck, so we can ascertain it's quality and ultimately decide if we are able to donate, pass on, or upcycle.

• What Will Happen to The Original item I Send Back?
We want to minimise our impact on Mother Earth as much as possible. ( 1 ) All domestic exhchanges via this initiative all be carbon offset (via our Partners at ROUTE), and ( 2 ) by keeping our creations circulating in an extended life cycle as best we can. After your qualified exhange has been approved, we'll assess it's next life cycle journey. Well kept editions will be passed onto someone new within our St Soleil Closed-Loop Initiave, heavily loved items that still hold value will be passed onto someone new via our Charity Partners at 'Give n' Kind', who will distribute to charities around the USA for others to love & enjoy. ( 3 ) Items like jewellery can also be accepted as we are able to melt these metals down to create new pieces.

Submission Quality References

★★★★★ • 'Like New' References

  • Very well kept and cared for

★★★★ • 'Loved but Well-Kept' References

  • Gentle, reasonable signs of use
  • Minimal signs of heavy shuffling
  • Treated with care and love

★★★• 'Well-Used' to 'Heavily Used' References

  • Visible signs of use such as damage to corners of deck, guidebook or card deck
  • Heavy signs of shuffling and damage