November Astrology Guide


Your Guide to the upcoming Astrological dates this month • Reading Time: 3 mins

Featuring: Mars Retrograde, Full Moon in Taurus and a Total Lunar Eclipse, the 11/11 Manifestation Portal, Sagittarius Season and its New Moon…

We draw inspiration from the stars for you, bringing you a soft conversation each month about what the cosmos may have aligned for you and the collective. If the concepts resonate, delve a little more into it; if our words bounce back and sound too mysterious, let them go Beautiful Seeker (we promise we won’t take it personally!).

Our overview this month is inspired by exceptional sky-readers, primarily our very own Founder Britta and her channelled Celestial Journal, the divine Cafe Astrology, and the ultimate modern witch Chani Nicholas.

October 30 to January 12, 2022: Mars in Retrograde

Less popular than the Mercury Retrogrades, planet Mars enters this cycle every two years for approximately 10 weeks.
When Mars is in retrograde, we may find our energy and actions halted. We may even begin to second-guess our instincts. You’ll notice that action is replaced with inaction, confidence is replaced with insecurities and assertiveness diminishes. As Mars also rules our sexual energies, we may also feel a little frustrated or tension in this area of our lives.

Make the most of this period by: making a pact with yourself to steer clear from conflict, consciously directing your energy towards intentional projects and relationships that nourish you!

November 8, 2022: Full Moon in Taurus AND Total Lunar Eclipse

“Seeing success in relationships and finances. It's a period of fulfillment where you can reap some extra benefits. You may feel grounded and calm. In this blissful state, engage in life’s finer things. As the moon begins to wane, curb your spending.” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 25.

Beautiful One, this full moon will be a beautiful time to engage in the fine layers of your inner world. The strength from Taurus’ horns may guide you confidently to tap into your subconscious witch wisdom.
Listen up: Eclipses have Divine purpose and higher reasoning for their unique cosmic occurrences. They provide you with an energetic platform in which to help you evolve and advance in your spiritual development. When an Eclipse occurs, it's important you revere the powerful, dramatic energies that bring about the sudden opportunities, shifts and changes in your life. Any events that follow an eclipse, have an incredible amount of importance.

November 11, 2022: Manifestation Portal on Remembrance Day

Eleven is a Master Number and, as the name implies, represents energies or vibrations that are more highly evolved than ordinary numbers. There is a high level of intuition, creativity and illumination. The appearance of Master Number Eleven is a call to take the path of deeper spiritual fulfillment. It indicates an opportunity to fulfill ourselves in new and deeper ways {extract from our Lucid Dreams Tarot Guidebook).

The 11.11 portal opens for you to step towards the manifestation of your cosmic dreams and desires. With the element of Remembrance also present in some cultures, this is also a beautiful opportunity to tap into the power of your nighttime travels. Have any symbols presented themselves to you, calling for the unveiling of an angelic message?

In Tarot, number 11 corresponds to the Justice card: The decisions that you make now have long-term effects.

November 22, 2022: Entering Sagittarius Season

“The sun entering Sagittarius will lighten up the atmosphere in your daily life. The climate will be more open, optimistic, dynamic. Your interests, refocused on what’s outside, the exterior, will expand. Thinking will lead to action, and your field of possibilities, and your initiatives, will expand considerably.” St Soleil Celestial Journal,, Page 27.

Ah, the skies translated to human language feel ironic sometimes! After the 11:11 Portal, here we enter a new season on November 22:22…

Here we are, Dear Ones, after a journey inward with the Taurus Full Moon and Eclipse, we land back into our Earthly vessels: Sagittarius’ sign (the Archer, half-man half-horse) is the perfect collide of human soul evolution and its animal flesh and bones. The arrow points to direction and higher purpose.

Reflect: how would you represent your eternal quest?

November 23, 2022: New Moon in Sagittarius

“Seeking excitement and mental stimulation to break a cycle of boredom. Having recently completed a period of introspect there's a need for many kinds of stimulation”. St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 24.

Let’s get out there, revel in the riches of our human nature, enjoy the creations of this incarnation and all the fun it brings about!

If New Moons are a calling for inward travels for you, stay gentle whilst challenging yourself to experience L•I•F•E• through the lens of You.


We wish you the most beautiful cosmic journeys,

Words by Laurie Foulon.

From the ripples of the moon, Laurie lives with the tides of this life in water-like motion. Ebbing and flowing, her Cancer Zodiac nature fills her with the rhythm of emotions, and she dances through their swaying branches to find inspiration guided by intuition.

Carer for the heart of humanity, our blue planet and its myriad of life forms, Laurie finds creativity in the everyday unfolding of events around us... and plays with weaving them into words that can be worn like precious pearl necklaces around our necks.

Born a woman in the South of France (an auspicious alignment with St Soleil), she has travelled inwards and outwards, throughout the world, and has for now anchored her roots in Australia. Her yin qualities embrace femininity, and she sure is one to "Live by the Sun, Dream by the Moon".



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