This is How Your Energy Dances Throughout Your Menstrual Cycle

Energy throughout our menstral cycles

This is How Your Energy Dances Throughout Your Menstrual Cycle


Our Menstrual cycle creates a rhythm within us.
Each cycle we flow through 4 phases- Menstruation, Pre Ovulation, Ovulation & Pre Menstruation.
Our energy dances through each phase.
Our energy dances to our inner rhythm.

Within each of your 4 phases, your body, hormones & energy shift.
Each phase changes the way that you feel within yourself, within your body & within the world around you.

When you begin to move through your cycle with awareness, you’re able to align yourself to your energy within each of your phases.
& when we align ourselves to our Menstrual cycle, we bring a beautiful balance, acceptance & inner guidance into our life. 

Our Menstrual cycle is an incredible gift that each one of us has within us.
& here is how your energy dances through yours…



Our energy is fully pulled within us.

We begin within Menstruation.
We usually stay here for 3-7 days.

Our Menstruation holds the end of our previous cycle & the beginning of the one to come.
Our hormones collapse to the lowest that they’ll be throughout our whole cycle & our physical energy collapses alongside.
Our body moves more slowly & with more awareness.
Our inner world comes ALIVE.

Our energy is fully pulled within us & we feel ourselves disconnect from the world around us.

Our energy is deeply intuitive, powerfully present & effortlessly wise.

To align yourself to your energy within Menstruation,
allow yourself to REST & RECEIVE.

This is our natural time to rest, recharge & restore our body.

Our physical energy has drained away & it’s crucial that we honour this if we want to thrive within the cycle to come.

When we rest our body, our inner world is able to truly come alive.
We are full of inner guidance & we have a deep, intimate connection with ourselves. 
We’re able to receive invaluable answers, insights & thoughts.
We’re able to share deep wisdom with ourselves at this time.



Our energy is expanding outwards.

We then move into Pre Ovulation.
We usually stay here for 6-10 days.

Our Pre Ovulation begins as our bleed ends.
Estrogen gently grows & our physical energy gently grows alongside.
A spark ignites within our body.

Our energy begins to expand outwards & we feel ready to reconnect with the world.

Our energy is curious, playful, optimistic & enthusiastic.

To align yourself to your energy within Pre Ovulation,
allow yourself to EXPLORE.

This is our time to explore ourselves, our place within the world & all that surrounds us.
As we emerge from our cocoon of Menstruation, we see everything with fresh eyes.
We feel an enthusiasm for life & all seemingly endless possibilities.
We’re gifted with such a precious energy within this phase.
Embrace it.
Explore the world.
Explore yourself.
Explore your relationships.
Explore your thoughts.
Explore your possibilities.



Our energy is fully expressed outwards.

We then move into Pre Ovulation.

Ovulation follows.
We usually stay here for 3-4 days.

Our Ovulation begins just before our egg bursts out from the follicle that’s been its home up until now.
Estrogen is SOARING & testosterone joins too.
Our physical energy is overflowing.
We feel FULL- in the most beautiful way. Emotionally, physically, energetically, sexually & spiritually abundant.

Our energy is fully expressed outwards & we feel fascinated with the world around us.

Our energy is passionate, confident, generous & creative.

To align yourself with your energy with Ovulation,
allow yourself to experience PASSION.

We feel a bursting enthusiasm for life.
Wherever we choose to direct our energy will THRIVE.
Choose something that you know brings you joy.
Choose a project.
Choose a person.
Choose yourself.
Choose something or someone.
& pour your passion into it.

We experience everything with so much beautiful intensity at this time.
This is your time for joy & celebration.
This is your time to SOAR.



Our energy begins withdrawing back inwards.

Finally, comes Pre Menstruation.
We usually stay here for 10-14 days.

Our Pre Menstruation begins as our body shifts its focus to creating a safe home within our womb.
Progesterone rules this phase & our energy begins to withdraw inwards.
Our body begins slowing down.

Our energy begins withdrawing back inwards as we slowly detach from the outside world.

Our energy is sensitive & vulnerable, yet also strong & assertive.

To align yourself to your energy within Pre Menstruation,
allow yourself to LISTEN.

Our Pre Menstruation is our most misunderstood & mismanaged phase.
This is a very sacred time.
During Pre Ovulation & Ovulation, our energy has been focused on others before ourselves.
It’s now returned to us.

All the thoughts & feelings that we’ve been pushing down rise to the surface.
This is our time to listen to ourselves.
We receive so much inner guidance within this phase.
We see what WE need.
We are effortlessly intuitive.
Slow down & listen to your inner voice- you’re sharing so much wisdom with yourself.




About our Guest Blog Writer @landofthelalla

"My name is Eliza.
My Menstrual cycle used to be a constant battle in my life.
I experienced unbearable pain within Menstruation, & my Pre Menstruation was filled with an overwhelming anxiety & anger.
Like so many of us, I was told that ‘it’s just something that you have to learn to live with as a woman’.
I was then diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries but never given any help to heal.
So I took ownership of my body.
Through this long journey to heal myself, I’ve not only healed my body.
I’ve fallen in love with being a woman.
I deeply understand my inner rhythm & have aligned my life to it.
I feel deeply connected to myself. I know the root of my emotions & I know myself at my core.
Every part of my life is now THRIVING- because of my Menstrual cycle.

My Menstrual cycle is my biggest guide, ally & mentor.
Now, I’m travelling around the world with my daughter.
We’re living in a beautiful little home in the jungle of Goa.
& I have the guidance of my Menstrual cycle to thank for it all.

I want to show every woman how to reclaim the sacredness of their Menstrual cycle.
We have this incredible gift within us all.
She’s just waiting for you to discover her."

Find Eliza on Socials @landofthelalla
Explore her Workshops via he website


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