⌂ Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck ED II / III • Loved & Re-Loved Initiative

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We invite you to take the first steps in learning and exploring the magic of Tarot with our beautiful Beginners Deck. This tool was created for the starry-eyed beginners and souls who are just starting to dip their toes into the realms of the Occult and Mysticism. Our easy to use deck is here to assist you in learning the Tarot, tapping into to your intuition and build confidence with your card readings.

The etheric artworks are celestial, dreamy reflections of all 78 original cards in the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot PLUS each card details astrological symbol, zodiac, elemental keys and KEYWORDS for both upright and reverse positions.

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Notes About Edition II / III:
• Similar edition Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot II & III are mixed in together under our Marketplace Initiative
• Previous versions of this deck contain typos, so please keep this in mind before making a purchase. If typos are likely to bother you, we recommend refraining from purchasing this item.

'St Soleil Marketplace' is our new Closed-Loop, Love & Re-Loved Initiative. Earlier in 2022 we set a goal to give new life to Pre-Loved and Seconds Stock items, and to prioritise a vision of a more sustainable future. We believe a beautiful aspect of St Soleil, other than creating timeless pieces intended to be treasured for many moons to come, will be our commitment to a more sustainable, loving future. Intentionally re-sharing loved items that can now be cherished by someone new in our community.

• 78-card deck with all Major and Minor Arcana Cards as per the traditional Tarot
• Beautiful matte gold card edges -- for a touch of magic
• Gold foil designs on card back
• Luxe linen card stock with 'soft touch' finish
• Traditional Tarot card size 2.75x4.75"/ 70x121mm
Bundle Includes:
• 78- Card Tarot Deck
• 200 page pocket guidebook
• Keepsake card box

• Please note our Marketplace stock is treated like sale items; all sales are final. Please choose carefully.
• Photographs are representations only and not the actual stock item you will receive.

• What is Marketplace Stock?
1 / These can be items that have been pre-loved by a member of our community, and now available to be passed on to you.
2 / They can be seconds stock, such as items that have been RTS from an undeliverable address and have made their way back to our studio.
3 / Marketplace stock is also seconds stock that contains older stock that may contain typos in guidebooks etc.

• What condition are these items in?
1 / All Marketplace stock has been quality checked to make sure that products are in a loveable, treasurable condition, however, they are not 'pristine' or 'as new'.
2 / Pre-loved items will come with the card decks that have been used, and guidebooks well kept (without writing or notes).
3/ Seconds items will usually be items that have aesthetic compromises such as; a dented corner, a marking or an older version of stock with typos that have since been corrected.

• How do I know which item I am getting?
1 / Marketplace 'Loved & Re-Love' stock are set aside from our regular stock. They sit together on their own shelf, and are all mixed together under the one label of 'Loved & Re-Love' Stock.
2 / Each time a Marketplace order is made, we intuitively choose an item from this shelf at random from the products allocated shelf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jesus Gutierrez KPAN50777
Please bring back the second edition 🙏

I’m not bother by typos, I just want the imaginary of the card. I just simply loved it but I could not Afford it before because I’m outside of unites states and the price was high for me.

Guadalupe Steinberg


Jennifer Thorne

Absolutely love this deck. The imagery is stunning.

Thank you for the lovely reviw, Jennifer. The captivating imagery truly adds to the experience. ✨ With love, ~St Soleil x

Kaitlin Smith

Absolutely beautiful deck.

Thank you for the review, sweet Kaitlin! Overjoyed to hear that the deck has found a beautiful new home in your embrace. ✨ Much love from ~St Soleil x

Dev Hicks

Just recieved my cards at the post office! They are absolutely beautiful, I havn't used them yet and can't wait!

Oh, the thrill that fills us upon receiving the long-awaited deck. It promises to be a spellbinding experience, Dev! Lots of love from ~St Soleil x ✨

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