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Loved for a Season & Re-Loved for a Lifetime
Loved for a Season & Re-Loved for a Lifetime



When a St Soleil item comes to the end of it's journey, our community can participate by sending in their pre-loved ST SOLEIL item, in return for a 30% Store Credit Gift Card. Once we've re-collected the item, we will determine whether to re-circulate, recycle or donate. Marketplace return labels created by us are carbon offset.

We will also contribute to this initiative by closing the loop on seconds stock items, giving them a chance to be loved ♥

Status: Live


Over the course of 2023, you will see new individual product components pop up in our Marketplace. This means existing customers can upgrade individual items within their bundles, like a guidebook, or a specific replacement cards to, in essence, re-build and restore.

Status: Rolling Out


Part 1 • Lucid Dreams our Best selling Tarot Deck is continually evolving with new components, upgraded or more conscoius finishes, new wisdom and knowledge and new artworks. As we naturally develop and evolve our offerings, we want to gift access to these new upgrades to existing cusotmers through this special initiative.

Status: Live

Part 2 • This initiative will also apply when we launch our Lucid Dreams Advanced Tarot. Where beginners will have the opportunity to swap their beginners edition for an advanced one.

Status: Coming Soon


Earlier in 2022, we set a goal to give new life to Pre-Loved and Seconds Stock items - as well as opportunity to access individual components and upgraded versions of our offerings - to prioritise our commitment towards a more sustainable, loving future. Our items are - always - authentically and intentionally crafted to bring light, wisdom and sacred illumination into the lives of our St Soleil community as they walk their journey on Earth.

We're excited to be able to offer these new initiatives that extend our Product Life Cycles, grant our community access to more, are mindful of our Earth Impact and give back - positve light and impact to everyone connected to the inititives. Which is how we believe it should be.

We're forever moving mindfully towards the future as St Soleil evolves, and have become ever-increasingly aware of how we can birth our creations into the physical world in collaboration and harmony with the Earth herself. A challange and mindful dance we move through everyday.

From carbon neutral shipping, carbon offset production (coming in 2023), small sustainable production runs, and the use of post-consumer, recycled and FSC approved materials where possible, our mindful contribution to retail consumerisim is of paramount awareness and importance to us. Which brings us to our new Closed-Loop Non-For-Profit Initiatives.

The main intention of this initiative is to 'close the loop' on buying and discarding and extend our product life cycles as consciously as we can. We want to support the continued sharing and re-circulation of all our creations; paper-based cards and books, ritual items and jewellery metals so they never end up in landfill or turned into waste where they can be harmful to the environment. Our jewellery can be melted down and used to created new St Soleil pieces, we can re-share our timeless Tarot and Oracle Decks, and donate to our chosen charity partners, our community will have access to aquiring replacement components and upgrades where possible.

We're blessed with a community who aligns and share these same deep core values as us. It's not a home of fast-pace consumerisim; we know each purchase they / you make is with deep intention and consideration, just as we are when creating each piece. We genuinely love and appreciate the beautiful, symbiotic relationship we have with our community.

Our items are minfdully crafted to last many moons to come, for one heart or shared between many hands and hearts in our community.

We believe in making changes to Retail Operations, by not only producing sustainable products but ensuring these products have the ability to share their magic over multiple-use life cycles. We believe our initiative should be a standard of the industry, not an exception

Timeless Love

Timeless treasures, intended to be loved time and time again.

St Soleil Standards

Our team ensures items are in useable, loveable condition.

Be Rewarded

30% Gift Card for all eligiblle Marketplace Submissions

Sustainability Focused

An initiative to support a more sustainable future of products


We work with Give N Kind for our charity donations


All revenue generated is used to directly operate the project



"I just discovered your Marketplace earlier this week, and I just had to let you know how in love and impressed I am with this initiative you have. My cat broke my St Soleil necklace (totally my cats fault, not a quality issue) and I saw this Marketplace while browsing to re-purchase the same necklace. I'm blown away. I got to return my broken necklace and purchase a new one for a generous % off. Just wow! It was so easy to use the Returns Portal, and I was given the Gift Card as soon as my package was scanned by the courier, so I got to buy my new necklace on the same day. This is revolutionary. I'm loyal for life!"
- B, Kansas City, Missouri
ⓘ Recycle / Upcycle': In B's case we were able to approve her return. We can give these metals a new life in the form of regenerated jewellery or other metal objects etc. This meant B's item was saved from being put into landfill and can be upcycled.
"I love this idea so so much. I'm a student, so obviously conscious of how I use my $ and having access to lower prices is amazing. I love exploring this cool Marketplace Idea because it means I can get my hands on more of what's been sitting on my wishlist...while being consumer conscious and enjoying that idea of connecting to spiritual community. It's like having a wider group of friends from all around the world, which I think is pretty cool. I don't mind that someone else has already loved it! It only makes them more special! I just really love this idea so much... thank you St Soleil"
- Joanna Rose, FL United States
ⓘ Joanna can own pieces that are new to her, that have been loved by someone else in the St Soleil community at accessable price points to her.
Yes, this is magical! I was looking forward to starting my Advanced Reading journey and was really excited when I was referred to come and take a look at your Marketplace space, it meant I could upgrade from a beginner into this who new space I was enetering into. I was able to send my Lucid Dreams in and have a credit put towards my now new Child Of The Universe Oracle. From only just discovering Tarot, to now ready to explore the whole new world of Astrology, I just feel so supported on my way! And.. it feels really nice to know someone else out there will have my original Lucid Dreams deck to learn from. It's like this giant beautiful Circle Of life. Love love love!!!
- Lara, WY United States
ⓘ Lara has been able to advance in her journey, with credit for tools and creations to support her new chapter and thirst for knowledge.

Female Founded & Owned

Bespoke Craftsmanship

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

Carbon Neutral Production & Shipping

We Give Back ( i = Change )

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Female Founded & Owned

Bespoke Craftsmanship

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

We Give Back { i = Change }

Carbon Neutral Production & Shipping


• How and what can I Contribute / Return?

Our CLOSED LOOP: LOVED & RE-LOVED INITIATIVE accepts a variety of items in various conditions. Below are a few examples and how our INITIATIVE may use your approved items:

    • All St Soleil Items in 'well-kept' condition are recirculated to be owned and loved by someone new!
    • Jewellery that is broken. will be given new life in the form of regenerated jewellery, and ritual objects. That's why our jewellery is crafted from metals that can be melted down and re-used.
    • Items in any other condition can are also at times accepted. St Soleil works closley with Give N Kind a Chicago-based nonprofit organisation that matches returned, excess and misprinted stock items with local nonprofits. We also will often donate these items to local charity or thrift stores near ST SOLEIL locations.

    • Every item is assessed on a case-by-case basis

• What is the Marketplace and Marketplace Items?

Avilable Marketplace items are any or all of the below:

    • Items that have been pre-loved by a member of our community and have passed our Marketplace Quality Check.
    • They can be seconds stock, such as items that have been RTS from an undeliverable address and have made their way back to our studio
    • Our Marketplace stock is also seconds stock that may have minor imperfection such as signs of love (being used by someone in from our St Soleil community), a surface scratch, dented book corner from or a previous edition of stock with typos etc
    • Any Marketplace stock will be writing free! There will be no notes, journal entries etc by others in the books.

The main intention of this initiative is to 'close the loop' of buying and discarding. In return, we want to support the circulation of jewellery metals and other riutal items so they never end up in landfill or turned into waste.

• What items can I find on the Marketplace?

You can expect to find a range of St Soleil items from our Tarot & Oracle Decks, Journals to Ritual Items and our coveted Jewellery items

• Our Jewellery items sell *FAST* so be quick with these items, they are rare to come through
• Hit the 'Notify me when back in stock' button to be amongst the first to be alerted when the item you want becomes available again


• What is the process of participating / contributing to the Re-Loved Initiative?

Ready to participate in our CLOSED-LOOP: LOVED & RE-LOVE INITIATIVE? Great!

    • We have a dedicated returns flow for any 'Loved & Re-Love' Returns. Simply start a Return Request process by using our 'Returns Portal' HERE.
    • Tip: Make sure to include notes of your item(s) when applying for a return
    • Once you've submitted a 'Loved & Re-Love Return Request' our next order of operations is to evaluate your submission for  recirculation, upcycling or donation eligablility.
    • If your submission qualifies, we'll approve your return. Follow the steps (dependant on your location) for returning your item and we will issue you with a loaded ST SOLEIL GIFT CARD to use on your next purchase with us!
    • When returning your item via a 'Tracked Service', we're able to issue you with your ST SOLEIL GIFT CARD as soon as your item is scanned in by the courier/postal service. You won't need to wait until it gets to us!
    • Customers are responsible for Return Shipping Fee's. We will carbon offset any eligble returns.
    • We highly recommend shipping via a tracked service, as returns are responsiblity of the customer, we thank you!

• Is this for Returns? Or for Pre-Loved Returns only?

Our LOVED & RE-LOVE INITIATIVE is only just getting started. We hope to set up more infrastructure to facilitate different closed-loop channels. However for now, with under 0.01% of orders ever resulting in organic change of mind returns, we're just excited to offer a pro-active solution to our community wanting to share their 'loved' St Soleil Pieces and find something new for themselves in the process. Sharing the love within our community of beautiful souls.

• Is my return eligible for the Loved & Re-loved Initiative?

The best way to tell if your item is eligable:

    • The item must be authentic and created by ST SOLEIL
    • For Recirculation = Good to Pristine Condition / Ask yourself "Is this item in good condition? Would I be happy to recieve this item myself?"
    • For Donation: Good to Fair Condition / Ask yourself "Is this item something I can see being loved by someone else from a Charity Store?"

      Jump to our Returns Portal to see more eligibility critera here

• I bought my item from a Stockist somewhere else not from St Soleil directly, am I eligible to participate?

Yes, absolutely as long as it has come from an legitimate, approved stockist. You will just need to provide us with proof of purchase such as a receipt (be sure it includes the shop's name you purchased your item from)

• Can I use my LOVED & RE-LOVE GIFT CARD on a Marketplace Item?

Yes, absolutely! Sky is the limit! We encourgae you to support this non-for-profit Loved & Re-Loved Initiative. The more your circulate, the more you and our world benefit.

Have more questions? Contact our team here or via our Chat button