To create coveted items that are to be treasured for years to come. As a female owned small business who cares about our impact on the planet as much as we care about the upliftment of our community. We are eco-conscious and have made every intention to be as sustainable and ethical as possible by aligning with suppliers and other businesses (throughout all orders of operation) who carry the same eco-mission and level of care as us. We believe in empowering our customer and community through sustainable creation and supply.

We love our planet, and aim to respect it and tread as lightly as possible for the love of future generations to come. We recycle, reuse and reduce wherever possible. Here are the ways ST SOLEIL is consciously contributing, caring and giving back:

I. Carbon Neutral Postage: We're excited to announce, every order can now be carbon offset at the checkout! Your carbon offset contribution will be allocated to the global environmental project closest to your location. Some of the projects include protecting and managing forest areas all around the US, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, Ocean Plastic Removal in Cambodia, Green energy projects in Turkey, Bulgaria and Switzerland as well as providing fuel efficient stoves to families in Honduras, Myanmar, Chad and China. 

II. Packaging: Our packaging is now 100% recyclable and most is even biodegradable! Our Thank You & Care Cards are printed on paper made from recycled coffee cups and our jewellery bags are made from biodegradable and recycled materials. If you can't reuse the packaging, here is what you can compost and recycle.

 Compostable Recyclable
Care Cards 
Shipping labels
Thank You Cards
Jewellery bags (slow biodegradable & recyclable)
Eco-friendly Paper protection wrap
Shipping boxes
Fragile packing tape (180 days biodegradable)
III. Regional Manufacturing: Our production, warehousing and operations are all based in the one region, decreasing our shipping and therefore, our carbon footprint.

IV. Certified Sustainable Paper: All paper and card stock we use is created with certified sustainable paper products, meaning no natural tree areas are cut down to produce our products. 
Vegetable based inks are used in our offset printing. 
V. Fair Trade: Product manufacturing is certified Fair Trade Labour


St Soleil's Stainless Steel is fully recyclable and considered eco-friendly as no harmful chemicals are released during it's production, unlike other metal options. Our g
old plating is made from recycled metals, a process that's unique and hard to perfect! Precious stones are sourced from trusted partners who guarantee their product to be from legitimate sources and conflict free.


We're always looking for ways to improve. We welcome any helpful feedback or suggestions! Get in touch with us at: hello@stsoleil.com