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Your Guide to the upcoming Astrological dates this month • Reading Time: 4-5 mins

Featuring: Samhain and Beltane rites of passage • Navigating the skies' energies between Scorpio, Sagittarius and Gemini • World Kindness Day • and the Black Lilith Moon!

Our theme this month
 There is heart on my path
Igniting the pulse within you, is a greater vibration talking to the universal consciousness, the heart of the world. You are valued because you are alive in this timeline.


November 1, 2023: World Vegan Day

When we picture it in our mind's eye, our Sun centers, at St Soleil, we embrace the way that veganism transcends mere dietary choices; it's a holistic lifestyle that reflects a profound commitment to compassionate and sustainable living. It extends beyond the plate to encompass the products we use, the clothes we wear, and the practices we endorse. At its core, veganism signifies a conscientious choice to minimize harm to animals and the planet. It's a conscious effort to make a positive impact on the world, leaving a legacy of compassion and mindfulness for future generations.
By embracing veganism, one not only nourishes their body with plant-based foods but also nurture a deeper connection to the environment and the sentient beings we share this planet with, echoing the belief that our actions should reflect the change we wish to see in the world.

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November 2, 2023: Asteroid Vesta retrogrades

Asteroids are an interesting and new field of astrology. They were discovered throughout the last few centuries, and they are not part of traditional astrology. The position of Vesta in the natal chart reveals what you dedicate yourself fully. It is the eternal flame burning in your heart that you must not let go out. Vesta can help you find your purpose in the natal chart.
Vesta is named after a Roman Goddess, Hestia in Greek mythology, one of the six Vestal virgins: the fire in Vesta's temple was said to protect Rome as long as it was burning.
After entering Cancer in September, Vesta is now retrograding in this sign until 8 February 2024: unpleasant memories and shadow aspects may come forth, as the veil is still thin after Witches New Year (31 October). Talk it out, do things that bring you light, write down in your journal... this too, shall pass!


November 11, 2023: Angels Intuition Number

The ✨ 11.11 ✨ portal opens for you to step towards the manifestation of your cosmic dreams and desires. Eleven is a master number, and represents energies that are more highly evolved than ordinary numbers.
Its appearance is a call to take the path to deeper spriritual fulfillment, to fulfill our hearts in new and deeper ways.

With the element of Remembrance also present in some cultures, this is also a beautiful opportunity to tap into the power of your night time travels.

Journaling Prompt: What is an opportunity that presents itself to fulfill me? What elevates me?

Tarot Card: The Magician (number I) and Justice Card (XI)

Pictured: St Soleil Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot Deck

November 13, 2023: New Moon in Scorpio + World Kindness Day

“Reflect on internal patterns of behaviour that need to be changed. Depth & meaning are qualities that give value to our existence. There are many mysteries in life that intrigue us & invite us to delve a little deeper. This is a time when you find yourself seeking to understand yourself more.” from pg 15 of the St Soleil Celestial Journal.

Bring what is hidden in the deep cave of you, out to the light. Even if by lighting one candle, there is a deeply beautiful quality to unearth yourself. Coinciding with World Kindness Day, what is something that you can do today that will nourish somebody else's heart? Some ideas can be... send someone a kind note, bake and gift your favourite cookies, call a loved one, pay for someone's coffee! Read more in our Journal here.

Scorpio Tarot Card: Death (as rebirth)
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November 22, 2023: Sun enters Sagittarius

The sun entering Sagittarius will lighten up the atmosphere in your daily life. The climate will be more open, optimistic, dynamic. Your interests, refocused on what’s outside, the exterior, will expand. Thinking will lead to action, your field of possibilities and your initiatives will expand considerably - from pg 17 of the St Soleil Celestial Journal.

November 24, 2023: Black Lilith Moon

Black Moon Lilith, often referred to as the "Dark Moon" or the "Black Moon," represents our primal, instinctual, and wild feminine energy. It signifies our deepest desires, fears, and repressed aspects of ourselves, urging us to confront and embrace our inner shadows. It is the point of raw, unapologetic authenticity in our astrological charts, urging us to reclaim our power and embrace our true selves without societal constraints.

As a mindful creator of modern mysticism tools, St Soleil has resonated with this concept for the more traditionally-known day of Black Friday: we encourage our community to tap into their sense of authenticity, embracing one's true desires when being drawn to our creations. Break free from the norm, and explore our collections to tap into your inner wild and untamed spirit.

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November 27, 2023: Full Moon in Gemini

Learning new things, using the new information to improve yourself, and lots of social activity. Your quest for knowledge
is so personally fulfilling at this time. Give up a bad mental habit as the moon begins to wane - from pg 15 of the St Soleil Celestial Journal.
The Beaver Moon in Gemini may spark an interest in spending time with f riends. This lunar transit makes us a bit restless and spontaneous — the perfect time to make plans with friends instead of pursuing romantic interests. Dates take too much of your attention, and you can't have that right now!

Gemini Tarot Card: The Lovers
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We draw inspiration from the stars for you, bringing a soft conversation each month about what the cosmos may have aligned for you and the collective. If the concepts resonate, delve a little more into it; if our words bounce back and sound too etheral, let them go Beautiful Seeker (no offence to us!). Our overview this month is inspired by exceptional sky-readers, primarily our very own Founder Britta and her channelled Celestial Journal, and by the divine Cafe Astrology.

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From the ripples of the moon, Laurie lives with the tides of this life in water-like motion. Ebbing and flowing, her Cancer Zodiac nature fills her with the rhythm of emotions, and she dances through their swaying branches to find inspiration guided by intuition.

Carer for the heart of humanity, our blue planet and its myriad of life forms, Laurie finds creativity in the everyday unfolding of events around us... and plays with weaving them into words that can be worn like precious pearl necklaces around our necks.

Born a woman in the South of France (an auspicious alignment with St Soleil), she has travelled inwards and outwards, throughout the world, and has for now anchored her roots in Australia. Her yin qualities embrace femininity, and she sure is one to "Live by the Sun, Dream by the Moon".


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